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Florida man claims donkey fucking is a constitutionally protected right

Is bestiality protected by the constitution? So says the lawyers of a Florida man who is on trial for his relationship with his sweet, sweet donkey named Doodle. Aw… that’s Doodle in the picture above. She is pretty hot.

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IHC After Dark: Fear Factor donkey pee and semen stunt

In case you missed it the first time around, here is Fear Factors infamous donkey piss and donkey semen chugging stunt. Breakfast of champions.

Fear Factor ups the ante by having contestants chug pitchers of donkey urine and donkey semen

Never really been a fan of the few episodes of Fear Factor that I’ve watched, mainly because oooh putting your hand in with non-poisonous and non-aggressive spiders and snakes oh really fucking scary. But this Monday, you’ll see contestants crossing some sort of line by drinking the above pitchers of donkey piss and donkey semen. Yes, that’s a whole pitcher of donkey jizz.

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IHC After Dark documentaries: Asses of the Caribbean (Possibly NSFW)

Yes, that’s “asses” as in “donkeys”, as in this is a documentary about people in the Caribbean who like having sex with donkeys. Oh, people.

Zimbabwe man caught fucking a donkey, claims it’s a shapeshifting prostitute

A man caught having sex with a donkey told a court in Zimbabwe that the donkey was actually a human shapeshifting prostitute that turned into a donkey at night. DAT ASS.

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And in morning news, farts prove once again to be funny, especially if they’re coming from a donkey

Or an ass, right? Right Cindy. And now here’s Roy with the weather.


Your guide to man-donkey loving in northern Colombia

In northern Colombia, along the shore of the Caribbean, young men often have their first sexual encounter with a donkey. Most men here feel that it better prepares them for having sex with a woman and some even claim that it makes your dick bigger.

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I have this button in my kitchen, but it’s on the fritz. Only worked once so far.

I have this button in my kitchen, but it’s on the fritz. Only worked once so far.

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