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Check out a preview of Avatar Land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, opening in 2016

Disney says it will be a “transformative experience”, but if I can’t have sexytime with the sexy blue ladies, I’m not going.

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Parents hiring handicapped people so their kids can jump in line at Disney World is now apparently a thing

Lines at theme parks can be long and torturous, but Disney honestly does everything it possibly can to make your wait shorter and less excruciating at its parks. Apparently, that’s got good enough for some parents, who have gotten into the habit of paying random handicapped people to pose as part of their family long enough to get bumped up to the front of the line.

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Will a no-money wireless payment system make Disney World more magical or more expensive?

Disney is constantly thinking of new ways to enhance the experience of its theme parks by reducing wait times, keeping visitors busy and happy and providing more entertainment for your buck. But in the future, those bucks might be harder to keep track with a Disney World wireless payment system.

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Disney ruins a teenage girl’s dreams of being Tinkerbell

So this girl wanted to make her boyfriend’s first trip to Disney World special, so she made a Peter Pan costume for him and a Tinkerbell costume for herself, and then while they were walking around the park, Disney told them they had to change because they’ve got a rule that no one can be dressed as Disney characters. YOU MADE HER CRY.


Video and photos of Disney’s new Carbon Freeze Me experience at Star Wars Weekends

You recently featured an article about the new Carbon Freeze Me experience at Walt Disney World.  Today I was one of the first to try it out, having my face 3D scanned to be part of a Han Solo-style carbonite figurine.

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Disney invites you to get frozen in carbonite during Star Wars Weekends at Disney World

From May 18 to June 16 at Disney Hollywood Studios at Disney World, for just $100, you can have your very own likeness frozen in a small piece of carbonite, just like Han Solo. Well… fake carbonite. 

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Check out the Princess Merida character that’s already showing up at Disney World

Pixar’s Brave isn’t even out yet, but Disney is already showing off a live Merida character on a test basis in certain parks of the Disney World park. She’s very enthusiastic, but I think she needs twice as much hair.


Disney is adding Avatar attractions to its theme parks. Faaantastic.

Avatar only made like a few zillion dollars, so it’s not surprising that at some point it was going to make its way into theme parks in some fashion or another. And it looks like that Disney’s secured the rights to bring Avatar attractions to its theme parks around the world. 

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Chewbacca and an Ewok jam out to “Welcome to the Jungle”

As part of one of Disney’s Star Wars Weekends, here’s something that should have never ever ever happened: Chewbacca and an Ewok doing their best Guns n’ Roses impersonation.


How’s your work day? If you were lucky, you could have been a scuba diver at a Disney park.

There’s lots of jobs at somewhere like Disney World, but one of the more unusual ones are the team of scuba divers that keep the park’s pools, lakes and underwater attractions pristine and keeps the animatronic sea bass in good working order. However, the job des require you to often be underwater from 2am to 4am in 50 degree water, fishing out cameras and cell phones and hats.

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Confessions of a Disney World employee

DeviantArtist Swoozie tells the stories of its horrors of working at Disney World, the happiest place on Earth. All that happiness comes with a price.


A look behind the high tech Disney uses to combat the problem of waiting in line at their theme parks

Going to any theme park is fun… until you get stuck in line for nearly an hour to go on a ride that lasts five minutes. But behind the scenes at Disney World, deep under Cinderella’s castle, there’s a high tech control center that rivals NORAD for the sole purpose of making sure people’s wait times are minimized. 

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