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Take a good look at Disney Infinity Toy Box

Way back when Disney Infinity was announced, we showed you a generic launch trailer, but this video is specifically about in what my opinion is the absolute best thing about the new Disney Infinity franchise— the Toy Box. It’s like Minecraft, only with Disney and Pixar characters, props, blocks and stuff. So much fucking stuff.

Disney explains how Disney Infinity is different from Skylanders

Knowing that people would quickly compare Disney Infinity to Skylander’s toy collecting/video game hit, they’ve got a response ready when asked about the comparison. According to Disney, the big difference is the size of the Disney world is much, much bigger and will allow players to all build the same world simultaneously. And it’s got all that Disney nostalgia. I mean seriously, Jack Sparrow riding a Tron recognizer.


Disney unveils ‘Disney Infinity’, bringing toys and tons of Disney characters into a multi-platform MMO

Last year, Disney teased something “really big” called Disney Infinity, and today they threw back the curtain on the project. It’s not just a Disney MMO, it’s a Disney MMO that spans PCs, tablets, mobile phones and game consoles, along with probably eventually hundreds, if not thousands of Disney and Pixar characters, along with interactive real world toys in a massive Disney experience.

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Disney Interactive revealing DISNEY INFINITY next month OH GOD WHAT IS IT

Disney, the company, the behemoth, the third arm of the great Kraken of World Domination are incredibly excited about something they’ll be revealing next month called “Disney Infinity” under the Disney Interactive brand. What is it? I’M SO FUCKING STOKED

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