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Daily Discussion: The Best IHC Commenters of 2013


You all know what time it is! It’s that special time of year, when we pick our “favorite” IHCers. I know we are a little late this year, but hey everyone has been busy. We did this last year and it was a big hit. And seeing how we have lots of new users and many have gone away this will be a great opportunity to see who is really making a big impact in the comments section.

Daily Discussion: Tech innovations that blew your mind as a kid

For my dad, living way out in the boonies when he was a kid, he got a television just a couple years after indoor plumbing, and for the time and place, both blew his mind. When I was a kid, TV had long existed and it was just there. For me, the tech innovations that rocked my world when they first appeared in the house was the home computer (a TI-99), our first VCR, and later down the line, the first time my dad brought home a laptop— it weighed a ton and it had an awful black and white LCD display, but holy shit, it was a computer that you could carry around with you. What tech innovations blew your mind as a kid when you first saw them in person or when they first showed up in your house?

Daily Discussion: What would be your last meal?

Photographer Henry Hargreaves has recreated and photographed the last meals of several notorious death row inmates. If I had a choice, I would have go with my favorite meal (pictured: Lamb, French Onion Soup, and a salad). What would your last meal be?

Daily Discussion: Your favorite Stanley Kubrick film

Got a request from an IHCer, who is curious what your favorite Stanley Kubrick movie is. So many good choices.

Daily Discussion: Today’s the last day of 2013, give it a kick in the balls on the way out

Daily Discussion: Today’s the last day of 2013, give it a kick in the balls on the way out

What is everyone’s favorite fast food chain to get a burger at? Checkers just got taken off my list.

What is everyone’s favorite fast food chain to get a burger at? Checkers just got taken off my list.

Daily Discussion: So America, how’s your Thanksgiving so far?

Okay, I guess you Canadians can talk about how great your Thanksgiving was last month, and others, you can just talk about eating and… I don’t care. Something.

Daily Discussion: Your favorite Doctor Who episodes of all time

Even if you’ve only been watching since the show was resurrected in 2005, there’s lots of great episodes to choose from, and a whole lot of stinkers. If you’ve been with the show for a while, there’s 50 years of time travel adventure, and of what you’ve seen, which have been your favorite? I’m throwing the Tom Baker Pyramids of Mars out there as a damn good one, and for pure emotional impact, I’m also going to say “Parting of the Ways”, the last episode with Christopher Eccleston. Yes, much of the episode was just kinda okay, and at the time, I had no idea Russell Davies would end seasons with some stupid deus ex machina every single fucking time, but for that first time, with Rose becoming a god after slurping up energy from the heart of the TARDIS— at the time, it felt absolutely brilliant.

And if you need a primer, io9 has put together a massive list of their opinion of the best and worst episodes ever

Daily Discussion: What’s on your Christmas list this year?

What are you hoping to get for Christmas this year? If you need some gift ideas for you or someone else, I added the tag #2013 Christmas list yesterday to start to give you some ideas. If there’s anything you think should be added officially to the list, submit it or link in the comments below.

Daily Discussion: Twitter IPO goes live today on the NYSE. Do you have any stock investments? If so, what?

This morning, Twitter becomes a publicly traded company as its first round of shares become available for trading. Do you, IHC peoples, have any investments in stocks, bonds or commodities? If so, what’s in your portfolio and how’s that working out for you?

Daily Discussion: Favorite horror movie remake or sequel

There’s lots of talk all over about the best horror movies, your favorite horror movies, but with a slew of horror remakes in the past, let’s talk about your favorite horror movie remake and/or sequel.

Daily Discussion: What are your plans for Halloween?

Halloween is next week, though this weekend is going to be chock full of Halloween activities and parties and shite. What are you going to be doing for Halloween? Taking the kids trick-or-treating? Putting on your sexy pizza costume, getting shitfaced and seeing what happens? Worshipping Satan?

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