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IHC After Dark: Street dentists of India

Because when you’re in India, you don’t always have time to run to a proper dentist. Just get that shit fixed right on the street.

Saturday morning cartoons: “Professor Toothy”

Professor Toothy is your dentistry friend, but his advice may be dubious at times.

Pissed off dentists pulls all of her ex-boyfriend’s teeth out. Tip: Never get dental work from your pissed off dentist ex-girlfriend

When 45 year old Marek Olszewski decided to get some dental work, for some reason he decided to frequent the dental practice of his ex-girlfriend. Maybe he was hoping to rub in his new happiness, but when the ex, Anna Mackowiak, had him in her chair, she decided to sedate him and remove every single one of his teeth.

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Dental x-rays linked to the most common type of brain tumor

Your whole life, every time you go to the dentist and they want to take x-rays, you’re always told by the dentists hiding behind a thick shielded wall that the x-ray dose you’re about to receive is just teeny tiny and insignificant. It may be small, but that tiny dose has now been linked to the most common kind of brain cancer. Oopsie.

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Short documentary of the day: “The Dentist of Jaipur”

If you trust him to fix your bicycle, you can certainly trust him to fix your teeth.


Racing under anesthetic

This guy gets his wisdom tooth removed and was completely knocked out with gas, which from what I hear, is a great way to do really stupid shit like acting like you’re racing a car when you’re under. Also, getting knocked out is for total pussies. A little bit of lidocaine and you’re good to go. 

Vagina after dentist

After a girl wakes up from dental surgery, all she can say is “Vagina”. Over and over and over. Best after dentist shenanigans ever. Okay, not ever, but this week.

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