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Deaf and hard of hearing kids describe their favorite sound

Whether they can hear just a little bit or not much at all, all of these kids have a sound they love more than anything.


Jehovah’s Witnesses want deaf people to stop masturbating

So they made this video, in American Sign Language, to try and get their message across.

Submitted by Alan

An Idiot Abroad visits an all-deaf KFC in Egypt

That’s pretty much just a cool idea all around. Good service, a good thing for the community and it gives work experience to people who might otherwise have difficulty building work experience.

Submitted by Dave

Deaf woman hears sound for the first time, gets all choked up

This woman is 29 and was born deaf, and thanks to a cochlear implant, gets to hear sound for the first time.


Personal subtitle glasses from Sony may get trial run in UK next year

People who are deaf or hard of hearing have long complained that going to watch a film can be an unsatisfactory experience, with subtitled films on at unsociable times and often suffering from technical problems. But a solution could soon available in the form of special glasses which allow the wearer to see subtitles directly in front of their eyes, giving them the freedom of choice afforded to hearing people.

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