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This is what Ryan Reynolds would have looked like as Deadpool, and it’s pretty amazing

I tried to put this up earlier in the week, but it kept getting pulled from the internet until it didn’t anymore, so take a look before Fox decides to start taking them down again. As wonderful as this is, the reason this project didn’t get the green light has mainly to do with the fact that it would be a big budget hard R rated superhero movie with first time director Tim Miller at the helm, and those were apparently chances Fox didn’t want to take. So this is what we get— some Ryan Reynolds test footage and a dream.

Batman vs Deadpool… who would win?

Shut up for a god damn second about how Batman could defeat anybody if given enough time to prep and just watch the damn video.

Deadpool the game looks like it’s full of ass kicking and trash talking

Earlier today, we linked to the countdown to (presumably) Deadpool, the game… and here it is. It’s got loads of ass kicking and decapitation and assassination, shit talking and fourth wall breaking.

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