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DC Universe Online goes free to play in October

If you’ve been wondering if or when you should jump into DCUO and possibly join the massive IHC league that lies within, maybe October would be a good time. Starting in October, the game will go free to play.

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It’s a crazy IHC league party in DCUO

Since I finally finished this video…I thought I would share with the IHC family. 

There are 2 major parts to this.  The first part is just the get together…the real fun is the next one that is going up and is of the actually pvp we did. 

IHC DCUO Online Blog Week 5: Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t…

So we’ve been about 2 weeks into the late Valentines day patch and of course, a number of hotfixes came in yesterday.  I guess they were needed because people were having some issues with some of the content. Double Isis anyone?  But, as far as I’m concerned, I am trying to get these pajama pants that I want from Vandal Savage!  Anyways, looks like next month’s patch is already in the works…and let’s just say…that it might involve a short, waddling, DC universe character.  I hope it’s good :)

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IHC DCU Online Blog Week 4: Patch dropped and so did I

Well, if you’ve been playing DCUO yesterday, we FINALLY got our patch.  The long awaited much needed patch.  And like all patches, there were mixed reactions.  I for one…loved it.  Ok, so I’m biased lol.  But still, we got a new raid, a new duo, a valentines event, some much needed play changes, a broker house…AND….the very sexy, very seductive Selina Kyle aka Catwoman.  Meow!  So you either love it or hate it, so pick your poison and enjoy it while it lasts.  Can’t wait to see what is coming down next month. 

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IHC DCU Online Blog Week 3: MAN F’CK Valentines Day!

Ok ok ok, calm down, don’t kill me yet.  Here me out.  I only say this because we were supposed to get our Feb 15ths patch and it was like….well let me put it to you this way.  You ever waited like a month for something to happen and then the day comes and what you’ve been waiting for doesn’t happen…then you are like WTF!  Yup, that was me and all of us.  But you know something, it’s cool.  I know they are working hard and we’ll be getting that sexy feline, Catwoman real soon. 

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There’s now an IHC DC Online league for the PS3! Rejoice!

So I hear that the IHC league for DCUO for the PC is doing quite well, and we’ve had some people ask about a league for the PS3 version and here ya go— our own Tinypenguininja has today started an official IHC league for you DCUO players for the console.

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