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IHC After Dark Christmas nightmare fuel: “The Spirit of Christmas”

A scary little Christmas animation from Cyriak.

Saturday morning cartoons: Flying Lotus “Putty Boy Strut”

The song is “Putty Boy Strut” by Flying Lotus, the bizarre animation is by Cyriak.

IHC After Dark: 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II in six seconds

A new, frightening animation by Cyriak to commemorate Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

IHC After Dark: Cyriak animation, “Because”

"So I found a stupid photo of my face and decided to make a video out of it. Why? Just because. Its all done with 3d layers in Adobe After Effects, it also gave my computer severe indigestion and melted my brain somewhat."

IHC After Dark shorts: “Cobwebs” by Cyriak

A brief journey through a world of spiders and the never-ending networks that bind their universe together.


IHC After Dark: Festive Greetings from Cyriak

Animator Cyriak has a brand new animation, just in time to give you some Christmas nightmares.

IHC After Dark: “Welcome to Kitty City”

Another awesome new animation by cyriak. Enjoy the cat-scorpion nightmares.

Afternoon moment of zen: “Hooray for Earth: True Loves” by Cyriak

Animator Cyriak Harris directed and animated this fantastic little homage to Minecraft.


B3ta animator Cyriak gets hired to do some Adult Swim promos

If you’re a visitor of b3ta, you’re probably familiar with the awesomely weird animated goodness of a guy by the name of Cyriak. Adult Swim needed some new promos, so they hired Mr. Cyriak to do said promos, and here’s a bunch of them in one video. 


Merry Christmas from Cyriak

Yeah, I know there’s just shit tons of Xmas themed posts today. It’s not like the internet’s good with one or two… there’s dozens of great Christmasy things to get out there before it’s too late and this is one of them. No, this is one of my favorites.

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