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Morning music videos: Ivan Hrvatska “Make Love to Christmas”

I stumbled upon this gem a few years back while watching Much More Music…  It borders on the ‘I just don’t even’ range of Christmas songs, but I still bust it out every year.  ;)

I know this is a bit late, but it was submitted a bit late, but it’s still a great song, so here it is. Get over it.-CBZ

Leonardo Da Vinci’s bronze machine gun discovered, confirmed

Forty years ago, some schoolchildren in Croatia uncovered the triple barreled cannon you see above, and there’s always been speculation that it was an invention of Leonardo Da Vinci, and it looks like that finally those suspicions have been confirmed.

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Morning music videos: Vuco “Love and Drinking”

I think you might like this song. It’s a Croatian folk singer who tried to make an international career by singing in English.

In Croatia hides the second longest fucking wall in the world

Everyone knows about The Great Wall of China, but no one ever talks about the second longest fortress wall in the world. That honor goes to the Walls of Ston in Croatia. Built in the 15th century, this thing is… really long. 

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