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Credit cards of the future will have buttons and a screen

Right now, your credit or debit card is just a dumb piece of plastic that only serves the purpose of keeping that magnetic strip on the back in a straight line so readers can read it. But in the near future, your credit card will have buttons and a screen so you can check your balance as well as adding a second layer of security for transactions.

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Mythbusters banned from talking about RFID chips by credit card companies

According to Adam Savage, Mythbusters wanted to do an episode about RFID chips and exactly how trackable and hackable they are, but a number of credit card companies that use and invest in the technology pressured Discovery from airing the episode.

Specifically, it looks like the lawyers of Visa, American Express, Discover and all the other bigwig debt slurpin’ credit card companies got in immediate contact with Discovery (the network that airs Mythbusters) and told ‘em if Savage and crew did the episode, the credit card companies would pull its advertisements and commercials from Discovery. Discovery caved and the RFID episode was axed.


Documentary trailer of the day: The Keeper

The Keeper is the story of Gordon Belker who decided that collecting card statements would be a good hobby. This short documentary won the Grand Prix at the 58th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

The government cut hidden credit card fees, so the credit card companies just jacked interest rates through the roof. Hooray!

Last year’s CARD Act has done what it was supposed to do in terms of reducing the number of hidden fees and promoting disclosure on your credit cards, but what it didn’t do was control interest rates. And so now while your credit card has far fewer fees than it used to, the credit card companies are all like “Yeah, so what? We’ll just jack everyone’s interest rates through the roof. That giant solid gold pyramid isn’t gonna complete itself.”

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Capital One will offer you different credit card interest rates based on which browser you use for the application

If you’re looking to apply for a credit card, you should know that all credit card companies are pure fucking evil, and Capital One is the worst. Some intrepid person at The Consumerist accidentally discovered that depending on which browser you use to fill out a credit card application with them will be a determining factor in your interest rate. Why? Because credit card companies do stupid shit like that because they can.

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