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Looks like it’s gonna be that kind of Super Bowl this year. Expect weed shortages nationwide through 2015.

Looks like it’s gonna be that kind of Super Bowl this year. Expect weed shortages nationwide through 2015.

These Russian cops took time out of their busy schedule to do a cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”

Seattle police handing out Doritos at weed festival

Speaking to Seattle based publication, The Stranger, police spokesman Sean Whitcomb claimed that capitalising on mass munchies madness was “Deliberately ironic enough that people will accept them in good humour.”

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Guy gets a pretty big surprise during a high speed police chase in California

Wait for it… wait for it…

Shredded confidential police documents discovered in Macy’s parade confetti

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a long-standing tradition and it’s a pretty fun, innocent affair. But this year, some students from Tufts University found something unusual in the shower of confetti that graced the parade— pieces of confidential Nassau County police documents, with enough information intact to identify police officers by name and Social Security number.

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Well this is charming: Boy calls 911 for help with his math homework, cop is happy to help

A four year old boy, struggling with subtraction, calls 911 for help with his homework and the cop on the other end of the line is happy to help him. Listen to the very end…

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Guy pays for traffic ticket with $137 in dollar bills folded into origami pigs, delivered in a donut box

When a guy got a ticket from a red light camera he felt was unjustified, he decided to pay the ticket in a way that would leave no doubt at his displeasure. He paid the fine by taking $137 in one dollar bills, folding each bill into a small origami pig and delivering the fine to the police station in two donut boxes. 

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IHC After Dark: Dancing traffic cop at the DNC in Charlotte last week

I’m sure these guys were obnoxious for drivers, but they were great entertainment for pedestrians. This guy was definitely the best of the bunch. 

Farmer gets his revenge on the cops by destroying cop cars with his tractor

Last month, 34 year old Vermont farmer Robert Pion was arrested for marijuana possession, and to get his revenge on the local authorities, the farmer took his largest tractor and ran over seven Newport, Vermont cop cars that were parked at the police station.

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It’s perfectly legal for cops to confiscate your cell phone and impersonate you

In 2009, Seattle police arrested a man named Daniel Lee, whom they suspected was a drug dealer. They confiscated his phone, and then while the phone was in police custody, it got a text message from someone asking for heroin. So Detective Kevin Sawyer responded, pretending to be Lee, and when the man showed up to buy, they busted him. And all of that is totally legal.

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San Francisco PD’s brand new cop computer system that can be carried in your pocket

It’s the 21st century. If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve got an incredible amount of information in your pocket, yet most police departments in the US are sadly lagging in technology. Many departments don’t have department-wide email and any information that goes into the system still has to be filled out on paper forms then hand-delivered to clerks who input the information.

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The meaning of “Fuck the police” in Ireland (Possibly NSFW)

Images taken at a central Dublin annual horse market event today.  The Garda Siochana are what passes for police around here. (They’ll also help out if you can’t find a female horse)

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