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Telescopic contact lens gives you real bionic vision

In the future, you’ll probably have contact lenses that provide you with an informative heads up display, but if you want to go further, you’ll want something like a contact lens with telescopic magnification. Oh yes.

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Contact lenses of the future could beam text messages directly to your eyeball

For decades, people have talked about a future where information can be sent directly into your eyes via either glasses or contact lenses. Google and others are already working on the glasses part of it, but advances in tiny technology have made it capable to put an LCD display right on your eye in a contact lens.

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Old contact lens solution can host an entire primordial ecosystem of parasites

If you wear contact lenses, you should be aware that the warm, wet and salt environment of the surface of your eyeball, and your contact lens solution is the perfect place to host an entire ecosystem of bacteria and parasites. The primordial soup that started all life on Earth billions and billions of years ago? Leave your lenses in too long and that could be living on your eye.

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India finally brings gold and diamond contact lenses to the world if you want to bling your eyes out

If you’re worried that your bling hasn’t gone far enough and you’ve got 15 grand to throw around, the Shekhar Research Center of India has gone and created gold and diamond encrusted contact lenses that will make your eyes sparkle like the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The Center says that the money from the sale of the lenses will go towards the treatment of patients suffering from Steven Johnson Syndrome, a skin disease that can cause vision loss.

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Did Seal Team 6 use night vision contact lenses in the bin Laden raid?

So when Seal Team 6 rolled up in Osama bin Laden’s crib and shot him in the head, being the elitest of the elite and all, they probably had all kinds of crazy secret future technology that would put Mission Impossible to shame, right? Probably. One of the rumors of the kind of tech they had were night vision contact lenses. Yeah, not night vision goggles— contacts.

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Contact lenses will project images directly onto your eyeballs

Forget 3D TVs and virtual reality displays— in the future, you’ll have images projected directly onto your retina from contact lenses. So if you think listening to people talk on their cellphone in the grocery store is annoying, wait til you’ve got people at the bank, staring blankly off into space like they’re tripping balls.

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Some cute Asian chick showing off her collection of circle lenses to give her eyes that unreal gigantic anime chick look. Stop it already, you’ve got awesome eyes without those stupid things.

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