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And now, here’s 80 minutes of Mel Brooks kicking it with Conan O’Brien

I stumbled across this 80 minute video of Mel Books gassing with Conan O’Brien about his life, Sid Caesar, and automats… among other things. Definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan of Mel Brooks.

Jack McBrayer and Triumph visit Chicago’s Wiener’s Circle

If the comments section of the average Internet site could be embodied in a hot dog stand, you’d have the Wiener’s Circle in Chicago.  Famous for its relentless abuse of customers, Conan sends out the nicest person he knows, Jack McBrayer, for an on-site report.  When things go as expected, Jack comes back with a friend…

Conan O’Brien plays Halo 4

It’s Conan O’Brien playing Halo 4 for the first time, so one can pretty well imagine all the things he’s got to say about it.

Submitted by Pablo

Conan O’Brien and Ricky Gervais take a bath together live on the internet

So here’s Conan O’Brien and Ricky Gervais taking a bath together, photographing it and tweeting it. This completely goes around the bend from WTF to awesome. Leno sucks!

Via Team CoCo

Kelsey Grammar talks to Conan about playing Sideshow Bob

Conan gets Kelsey Grammar to talk about the first time the two of them met, back when Conan was a writer for The Simpsons and Kelsey came in one day to do the voice of Sideshow Bob, and where the voice comes from.


Ewan McGregor responds to Louis CK’s totally-not-gay romance proposal

On Louis CK’s recent tour, he mentioned that he wasn’t gay, but if there was one person he might consider going gay for, it would be Ewan McGregor. And on last night’s Conan, McGregor told Louis to put his money where his mouth is. I foresee a really raunchy leaked sex tape in the near future.

Conan O’Brien officially lights the Human Centipede menorah

Yes, a menorah made out of people joined ass to mouth. Good thing there isn’t really a Hell in Judaism.


Louis CK on Conan talks about his hatred for Twitter, being starstruck by George W. Bush

While Conan is temporarily filming in New York City, he had Louis CK on the show, where Louis talks about things ranging from being unexpectedly starstruck by seeing former president George W. Bush to why he doesn’t like Twitter.

Conan to officiate the first gay wedding on late night TV

Conan O’Brien announced on his show this week that he will officiate the same-sex wedding of the show’s costume designer Scott Cronick and his partner, David Gorshein on air. The show spent an entire week filming in New York City specifically to make this legally binding wedding happen, as opposed to his normal filming location of California.


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