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Blue computer lights at night may lead to depression

Spending too much time in front of a computer isn’t good for you in a number of ways, but new research suggests that too much of the blue light emitted from computers and tablets late at night can not only disrupt your sleep schedule, but cause depression.

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And in amazingly embarrassing news, Florida accidentally banned computers

If you’re reading this in Florida right now, you’re committing a crime. In an attempt to crack down on slot machines and internet gambling, Florida legislators passed a bill to make internet cafes illegal. However, thanks to some poorly worded descriptions in the bill, they got more than they bargained for and have technically made any system of network of devices that can connect to the internet illegal. Not surprisingly, lawsuits are on their way.


Razer releases a 14” Razer Blade gaming laptop and it’s a thing of beauty

As far as gaming laptops, it’s hard to beat the Razer Blade. But if you want a slightly cheaper and slightly smaller version than the 17” beast that’s already out, Razer recently released a 14” version that packs just as much power into an insanely thin and wonderfully gorgeous laptop. It’s pretty, it’s sturdy and it’s got an Intel Core i7-4702HQ quad core processor running at 2.2GHz (3.2 when Turbo Boosted) and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M with 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

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You can now buy Matthew Broderick’s computer from WarGames. OHGODYES

You remember Matthew Broderick’s home computer when he was in the movie WarGames? Of course you do. The one his character used to try and hack into a local video game company that ended up pinging the military’s WOPR supercomputer? Yes that one. It’s for sale. If I could get this, Ally Sheedy would so fuck me.

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Your next desktop could be an Android powered HP

Android is in your phone and in your tablet, but what about on your desktop? Taking up the market space that was supposed to have been occupied by Linux— a desktop computer at a lower cost by using an open source OS— here is the HP Slate 21, a 21 inch desktop/tablet hybrid with Android built in.

The Slate 21 was just announced this morning in Beijing, so there aren’t a whole lot of details yet available. It’s a 21.5-inch, 1920×1080 kickstand-toting all-in-one equipped with Nvidia’s Tegra 4 SoC and running Android 4.2.2, and that’s all we’ve got for now.


The world’s most powerful computer network is being wasted on Bitcoin.
…and all those loose wires are giving us a headache.

The world’s most powerful computer network is being wasted on Bitcoin.

…and all those loose wires are giving us a headache.

Guy has his laptop stolen in London, tracks it several months later in Iran

Once upon a time, a guy named Dom had his Macbook laptop and his iPad stolen in London. He never found the iPad, but his laptop had tracking software installed that would alert him of its whereabouts when it connected to the internet.

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NVIDIA reveals Volta, its next-gen GPU platform

NVIDIA held a press event today to show off its latest piece of hardware, a new GPU platform called Volta that uses stacked DRAM to give itself access to a terabyte of memory bandwidth. Dayum.

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Dell’s new desktop is actually an 18” tablet with a keyboard

At SXSW earlier this week, Dell introduced the XPS 18, a “desktop” computer that’s really more of a convertible desktop/tablet hybrid. It’s an 18” full Windows 8 tablet with a stand and a keyboard, so you can work on your work and then detach the screen to work on your not-work.

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Google announces the Chromebook Pixel, the $1300 Chrome netbook nobody should buy

There are good reasons for buying a Chromebook, mainly because they’re super cheap. For someone who needs just the basics like web surfing, watching internet videos and using office document programs and wants an attached physical keyboard, the $200 Chromebook is nice. So why does Google think anyone’s going to buy a pimped out HD touchscreen Chromebook for $1300 when for that price you could get a real computer that runs more than web apps?

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Stanford Breaks The Million-Core Supercomputer Barrier To Study Jet Turbulence

Stanford has grabbed the supercomputer crown with Sequoia, a million-core computer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories that is being used to simulate jet turbulence in real time. This isn’t the fastest supercomputer per se, but it is the first to use one million cores simultaneously which is an amazing feat for big iron.

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Pre-CES, Lenovo announces a 27 inch tabletop tablet

Just ahead of CES, Lenovo held a presser today to show off some of its new gadgets. One that stands alone is the IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Tablet PC. It could be just a normal touchscreen PC, but it’s also a multitouch tablet you can throw down on your coffee table for some serious web surfing, board games or other multi-player games. 

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Raspberry Pi launches its own app store

Anyone who’s anyone these days have their own app store, so why not Raspberry Pi? The tiny, low power open source computer has its own set of technical limitations for gaming, so the Raspberry Pi store will help simplify the process of finding games and apps that can run on your Raspberry Pi model.


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