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PSA of the day: “Guns and Dildos Are Basically the Same Thing”

New gun safety PSA

In this two minute commercial, a girl tries faking her first period and parental hilarity ensues

I used to like marshmallows…

Sunday afternoon flashback: “Hide Your Parents” Pog commercial from the 90s

And now, here’s a Chinese commercial for a magical corset that will give you magnificent cleavage of the people

The best Super Bowl commercial was this Doritos spot that wasn’t on TV

Every year, the Super Bowl is as almost just as much about the commercials than it is the sport, but in the Age of Internets, often companies put their best and brightest commercials on the internet instead of spending millions on a TVV spot that will only piss off old people. And this year, Doritos had this brilliant commercial, made by Australian director Tom Noakes as part of their “Crash the Super Bowl” ad contest. And it’s got finger glory holes, and it’s just incredible.

More Super Bowl commercials: Jamie Casino, attorney. What the actual fuck did I just watch? The most amazing two minutes ever.

It’s like Scorcese, Steven Seagal and Robert Rodriguez had a bastard test tube baby made out of fire and steel.


Also, here’s the multilingual Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial that pissed off way too many xenophobes on the internet

Coke got a weird reaction to this Super Bowl commercial of people singing “America the Beautiful” in a multitude of languages. A very beautiful ad unless you’re an asshole, which a lot of people on the internet are. Some of the people on a Twitter were trolls, many were sadly genuine.

Read the story here

Han Solo makes podracing cool in this commercial for Lego Star Wars Minifighters

What are Minifighters? They’re Star Wars Lego sets with minifigs and miniature versions of Star Wars ships your minifigs can ride around on like little go-karts. More importantly, this commercial makes podracing look cool in a way Phantom Menace did not.

Canadians build a working pickup truck out of solid ice, because they can. Because they can.

Specifically, Canadian Tire, which made a working heavy pickup out of 11,000 pounds of solid ice over a bare truck chassis just to show off the reliability of their batteries. Canada, you fly under the radar most of the time, and then you catch the world’s attention and just knock it out of the park.

Chuck Norris does a split between two Lockheed jets. Your move Van Damme, you big pussy

Okay, so this was done with CGI whereas the Van Damme Volvo commercial wasn’t. But that doesn’t mean Chuck Norris couldn’t do this in real life, because he totally could.

Weird X-Men: Days of Future Past promo asks whether it was really Magneto that killed JFK

You’re reeeeeally reaching the bottom of the barrel for promo ideas, aren’t you Fox?

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