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And now, here’s 80 minutes of Mel Brooks kicking it with Conan O’Brien

I stumbled across this 80 minute video of Mel Books gassing with Conan O’Brien about his life, Sid Caesar, and automats… among other things. Definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan of Mel Brooks.

Did Andy Kaufman fake his own death after all? His brother seems to think so

When comedian Andy Kaufmsn died all too soon in 1984, many people, including Kaufman’s friends and family didn’t believe it at first. But time went on and Andy never resurfaced, so it finally was assumed he was really gone. However, according to his brother, Andy left a note before he died, saying he was planning on faking his death, and to prove it, he would meet his brother at a particular restaurant in 1999. When Andy’s brother Michael showed up at that place and that time, there was no Andy, but there was something stranger… another letter, waiting for him, saying that Andy was enjoying living a life of obscurity and would not be resurfacing. And so, 29 years later, the mystery continues. And why is Michael Kaufman just now revealing this? Has Andy died for real this time?

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Louis CK’s latest show ‘Oh My God’ is available from his website for $5

If you need something funny to watch and/or listen to, last week, Louis CK made his latest show, ‘Oh My God’ available for purchase via his website. It was recorded at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, and has an additional 12 minutes of material not shown on the version you’d see on HBO. Five dollars.


Saturday stand up: Byron Bowers “Ghetto Art Thief”

Here’s some stand up, submitted by the guy that just now asked about stand up comedians.

Russell Brand making fools look foolish on MSNBC

Comedian Russell Brand ran mental wind-sprints around the MSNBC crew after the usual Morning Joe brand of idiocy. No embed, video wouldn’t accept.

Watch it here

Saturday comedy: Robin Williams does improv on The Set List

Robin Williams performs an improvised stand-up routine on topics provided to him on the spot.

That time in the 1990s when Louis CK made toilet art for MTV

In this early ‘90s clip, Louis takes a jab at MTV saying, “Basically, see, MTV will show you a lot of crap, and they’ll tell you it’s art.” Truer today than ever.


Patton Oswalt’s Improvised Plot Proposal For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ on ‘Parks and Recreation’

I really hope that Patton influences someone with some pull….

(Source: nbcparksandrec)

The show was so much better live, but dammit if I didn’t laugh my ass off again last night.

JASH is going to be YouTube’s very own comedy channel, by comedians, for you

Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric and Reggie Watts got together with YouTube to make the JASH comedy channel. And this is its intro. So there you go.

Louis CK announces his new special, ‘Oh My God’

Yes, ladies and gents… time for some more Louis CK.

Mondays suck, have some Louis CK wisdom

Mondays are kind of a drag, so why not inspire (or depress) yourself with the annotated wisdom of Louis CK? From kids to advertising to the stupidity of the masses to losing your hair, Louis has advice on just about everything.


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