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That time in 2008, when Robin Williams jumped out of the audience and highjacked a BBC sponsored TED conference, because he could

During a taping of a BBC sponsored TED conference in 2008, taping had to stop temporarily due to technical issues when a voice shouted out from the crowd “Why, at a tech conference, is everything run so shittily?”, and then… Robin Williams.

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Cancel whatever else non Robin Williams related you might be watching and watch his brilliant 1982 show ‘An Evening With Robin Williams’ in full

You probably do need the laugh. And if nothing else, Robin Williams would probably want you to be crying from laughter, not from sadness.

Thanks to IHCer Fish for pointing this video out

George Carlin: “When you’re born in America, you’re given a front row ticket to the freak show”

And now, here’s 80 minutes of Mel Brooks kicking it with Conan O’Brien

I stumbled across this 80 minute video of Mel Books gassing with Conan O’Brien about his life, Sid Caesar, and automats… among other things. Definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan of Mel Brooks.

Did Andy Kaufman fake his own death after all? His brother seems to think so

When comedian Andy Kaufmsn died all too soon in 1984, many people, including Kaufman’s friends and family didn’t believe it at first. But time went on and Andy never resurfaced, so it finally was assumed he was really gone. However, according to his brother, Andy left a note before he died, saying he was planning on faking his death, and to prove it, he would meet his brother at a particular restaurant in 1999. When Andy’s brother Michael showed up at that place and that time, there was no Andy, but there was something stranger… another letter, waiting for him, saying that Andy was enjoying living a life of obscurity and would not be resurfacing. And so, 29 years later, the mystery continues. And why is Michael Kaufman just now revealing this? Has Andy died for real this time?

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Louis CK’s latest show ‘Oh My God’ is available from his website for $5

If you need something funny to watch and/or listen to, last week, Louis CK made his latest show, ‘Oh My God’ available for purchase via his website. It was recorded at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, and has an additional 12 minutes of material not shown on the version you’d see on HBO. Five dollars.


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