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How colors got their names

It’s easy to assume that because basic colors such as black, white, red, green, yellow and orange are some of the first words we learn in almost any language, that these words have just been with humanity for forever. But there was a time when there weren’t any names for colors other then basic descriptors like “bland”, “bright” and “dark”. And then oddly enough, when languages did start coming up with names for colors, it all happened in about the same order— black, then white then red, followed by blue, green yellow and so on.

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How are you feeling? Try the Lüscher Color Test

A simple online version of the Lüscher Color Test, in which colors are used to determine your current emotional and mental state. 

You can read more about the color test here

Or you can just take the test here. It takes just a couple minutes.

Color science of the day: “Is My Red the Same as Your Red?’

Science YouTuber Vsauce explains why red is a color that we may not ever quite get perfect because of how differently it looks to different people.

Colour Mixing: The Mystery of Magenta 

Why doesn’t magenta appear in the rainbow? The answer lies not in physics but in biology.

Science presenter Steve Mould demonstrates the strange phenomenon of colour mixing, in which not everything is as it seems. The cone cells within our eyes are responsible for the colours we see, but are only sensitive to Red, Green and Blue light. So how are we able to see so many colours when we can only directly detect three and how do our brains see the colour magenta which doesn’t have a wavelength?

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