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What happens when you boil a bottle of Coca-Cola? Demon essence.

Mmmm yeah that looks… like something you should patch roads with.


The Coke + Mentos thing gets a notch crazier when you add in a condom full of Nutella

Mmmm good.

Also, here’s the multilingual Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial that pissed off way too many xenophobes on the internet

Coke got a weird reaction to this Super Bowl commercial of people singing “America the Beautiful” in a multitude of languages. A very beautiful ad unless you’re an asshole, which a lot of people on the internet are. Some of the people on a Twitter were trolls, many were sadly genuine.

Read the story here

What would really happen to polar bears that drank nothing but soda?

Soda is a magical, wonderful thing. But with that magic comes consequence. Drinking soda in small amounts isn’t bad, but if you’re like the Coca-Cola polar bears, drinking it all day an with every meal, all those sugar and calories will come back to haunt you.

Some brilliant viral marketing for the new James Bond film

People visiting a Coke machine are told they have 70 seconds to get to a particular train platform, only it’s not as easy as it sounds.

IHC After Dark: Open happiness

I think the Japanese took the slogan ‘Open Happiness’ a little too literally…

IHC After Dark: “YES COKE YES”

An old Coca-Cola commercial from Japan. And I thought old Coke ads couldn’t get any more annoying…

Anyone Ever Tried This? Coca-Cola With Peanuts?

According to the British guy in this video, he was told that Coke and nuts was “redneck fine dining”, though I’m surprised that having lived in the south practically my entire life, and coming from a state with a lot of peanuts, that I’ve never heard of this concoction, but it looks pretty tasty.

Of course, I fucking love boiled peanuts, even though they smell like rotten ass and look like dead little gray chunks of zombie. Time to try this next time I hit up the convenience store… I imagine the sweet and salty go quite well together.

Update: Got a 20oz Coke and some salted peanuts and gave this a go. Not bad, but also nothing really to write home about either. It tastes like Coke with peanuts in it— like eating peanuts and drinking Coke at the same time. Seems more like a beverage of convenience more than anything else.

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