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Google introduces brand new shiny plastic HP-made 11” Chromebook

You know how people like to talk about how tablets are slowly killing the desktop and laptop, and have definitely almost killed off the netbook? Fact is, tablets are cool and convenient, but when you need the speed and spark of a tablet with the broader functionality and workstation-ness of a laptop, I’ve really fallen in love with netbooks, especially Chromebooks. Right now, while I still have a Mac laptop as my main piece, most of the content on IHC for the past few weeks has been done on a Chromebook. It’s got a little more oomph than a tablet, less bullshit than a full laptop.

So, what I’m trying to say is that I’m kind of excited about Google announcing a new line of Chromebooks, some pretty black or white plastic HP built Chromebooks. So, what I’m trying to say, is if you think you need a tablet for its quickness and lightweight interface, but you want something that operates more by the rules of a desktop or laptop, consider a Chromebook. Not a paid endorsement or anything, just something to discuss.

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Google announces the Chromebook Pixel, the $1300 Chrome netbook nobody should buy

There are good reasons for buying a Chromebook, mainly because they’re super cheap. For someone who needs just the basics like web surfing, watching internet videos and using office document programs and wants an attached physical keyboard, the $200 Chromebook is nice. So why does Google think anyone’s going to buy a pimped out HD touchscreen Chromebook for $1300 when for that price you could get a real computer that runs more than web apps?

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Samsung’s latest Google Chromebook now available through Google Play for $249

Samsung has just released a brand new shiny Chromebook, and the good news is that the computer is available for purchase for just $249 through the Google Play store.

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