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Christopher Lee is still cranking out badass heavy metal Christmas tunes

This is a sample of a couple new Christmas tunes from Christopher Lee. You can download “Jingle Hell” here on iTunes.or Amazon and get the cover of “My Way” while you’re at it.

Morning music: Christopher Lee “Choose Your Poison”

Christopher Lee as a Super Villain sings a song about drinking booze that defeats a superhero played by Alan Arkin… Why isn’t this the most famous thing ever?

Christmas morning metal: Christopher Lee “Little Drummer Boy”

From 90 year old actor Christopher Lee’s new Christmas album titled ‘A Heavy Metal Christmas’. Rock on old awesome guy.

IHC After Dark: Christopher Lee reads “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

And now, to end your programming day, here’s Christopher Lee reading Tim Burton’s poem “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Christopher Lee celebrates his 90th (!) by releasing his second heavy metal album.

Love the music or hate it, I only hope I can approach such badassery at his age. Not only is Lee a great actor, but he’s also an old metalhead. His new album, ‘Charlemagne: The Omens of Death’ is his second. 

Two singles are out now, Let Legend Mark Me As King, and The Ultimate Sacrifice


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