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Morning music: Astronaut Chris Hadfield sings David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” while in outer space


Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows what it looks like when you wring out a washcloth in space

Proving again that everything in space is a zillion times cooler.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates what it looks like when you cry in space

If you’re up in space and the view through the window is just too beautiful for your heart to contain, you may tear up a little. But tearing up on Earth and crying in space are two very different things.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows how to brush your teeth IN SPAAAAAAAAACE

In space, no one can hear you gargle.

If you were hoping to be the first one day to record “Danny Boy” in space, astronaut Chris Hadfield has you beat

Continuing his streak of being one of the most awesome astronauts ever, Canucknaut Chris Hadfield recorded “Danny Boy” on acoustic guitar from the ISS, just for St. Patrick’s Day. Audio is below.

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This is what it sounds like all the time inside the International Space Station

Astronaut Chris Hadfield, who may I remind you, is the first astronaut to record a song in outer space also used his recording equipment to capture the ambient sounds that are always going on inside the ISS. It’s very loud, and it’s one reason that sleep deprivation is such a problem up there… you’re pretty much living inside a small tin can of an engine that’s keeping you alive, and all that machinery isn’t quiet.

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"Jewel in the Night" is the first song recorded on the International Space Station

This Christmas song, “Jewel in the Night” was written and performed by astronaut Chris Hadfield and recorded in outer space aboard the ISS on December 23rd. SPACE MUSIC.

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