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Man gets his dick stuck in a pipe for two days, million to one odds

A Chinese man was left red-faced after getting his penis stuck in a pipe for TWO DAYS. Lian Tien came up with possibly the world’s most bizarre excuse for the embarrassing blunder - he was painting in the nude and slipped. The 61-year-old said his ‘private parts’ became stuck in a pipe sticking out used to take water from the building’s air conditioning unit. But he thought nobody would believe his story - so he stayed there for two days until he developed a fever and called doctors, who suggested they call for backup from the fire brigade.

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This day in 1989, one man stopped an entire line of Chinese tanks live on television as Tiananmen Square in Beijing erupted in protest against Communist Party corruption

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China wants to be the first to build a floating underwater city of the future

Every now and again, some dreamer, some architect, comes up with a plan for an amazing underwater city of the future, but so far it hasn’t come to fruition for one reason or another, but China may finally be the first to create a city under the waves. 

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Behind the quest to create a computer program that can beat humans at the game of Go

Computer programs that can beat human chess masters is old news. Programs that can beat humans at checkers is super old news. We’ve even had IBM build a computer that can beat humans at Jeopardy, but the quest to write a program that can be a grand master of the Chinese strategy game Go is still a long ways away. As far as strategy board games go, Go makes chess look as intellectual as a kick in the balls. In chess, there are only a relatively small number of moves per turn, and the more advanced players are, the more predictable their strategy becomes. Go on the other hand, has hundreds of thousands of possible moves per turn, but that’s not the hard part. The hard part is that with Go, player predictability increases until you get to the professional level, and then all predictability goes out the window— go masters basically reach a Jedi-like state where even after a lifetime of intensive study, they can’t explain why they make moves they do, they just “feel it in their gut”, and that’s something that’s really difficult to turn into code.

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Chinese company uses a giant 3D printer to print houses for around $5000

There are 3D printers for plastics and for food, and now a Chinese company has started 3D printing houses, using concrete and building debris, building things up layer by layer. Without much labor, the cost of each small house comes in around $5000. In 1908, Thomas Edison envisioned a future where entire houses could be poured into a mold on the cheap, and now with 3D printing, that could become a reality.

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The shitty, shitty winter North America got this year? One reason might be Chinese smog. Thanks, China.

The Great Lakes are still over half frozen, much of the northeast got snow today, in the middle of April, and the last few months of winter were particularly bad this year, especially through the upper midwest and northeast US. All this in the middle of being told that the planet is getting warmer and warmer. Apparently, a good deal of our awful winter can be blamed on the insane amounts of pollution in east and south Asia. Thanks, guys.

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And now, here’s a Chinese commercial for a magical corset that will give you magnificent cleavage of the people

And now, here’s Patrick Stewart delivering a somber monologue about, and dressed as China’s dying Jade Rabbit moon rover

Part of the larger segment of The Daily Show piece on Jade Rabbit, skip to about five minutes if you want to get straight to Patrick Stewart’s bit of dramatic genius.

China’s Jade Rabbit rover has catastrophic problems. Aw, landing on the moon is hard.

China’s brand new lunar rover, named Jade Rabbit was supposed to easily last three months, if not more, but it’s only been a month and it looks like the Rabbit is dead after encountering catastrophic problems.

The Moon exploration vehicle ran into problems due to the moon’s “complicated lunar surface environment”, Xinhua news agency said, citing science officials. The rover landed in December as part of China’s Chang’e-3 mission - the first “soft” landing on the Moon since 1976. It was expected to operate for around three months.

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China is finally lifting the ban on foreign game consoles

After 13 years, the Chinese government has decided to experiment with the idea of lifting its ban on foreign video game consoles. The initial thinking was that game consoles were no different than the opium that flooded China’s shores a couple hundred years ago— popular with the masses, but a great detriment to Chinese society. Using the new special trade zone in Shanghai as a test, the Chinese government will be slowly lifting the foreign video game console ban, meaning a huge new and eager market for the likes of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. No longer will Chinese gamers have only PCs or homegrown ripoff consoles like the Polystation and the Wii-Wii to feed their addiction.

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Gaming addict has spent 6 years in the same internet cafe. Least he occasionally takes a bath

According to Chinese media, Li Meng graduated from university six years ago, but unlike most of his peers, who went on to look for jobs, make a name for themselves and start a family, he opted for a life in the fantasy world of online gaming. Ever since he finished school, Li has spent most of his time in one of the many internet cafes in China’s Northeast city of Changchun. The owner of the place says he’s been there for such a long time that he’s basically part of the furniture, and doesn’t even notice his presence anymore. He spends every day and night tucked away in a corner, with an open bag of food by his side, staring at the monitor and mashing the keyboard and mouse buttons, leaving for brief periods of time to catch a bite to eat and take a bath. Reporters who visited the young Chinese gamer at his “workplace” described him as a pale “bespectacled youth that clearly hadn’t been to a hairdresser for a long time”.

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