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Wintery science: The Chemistry of Snowflakes

The video tracks formation of snowflakes from their origins in bits of dust in clouds that become droplets of water falling to Earth. When the droplets cool, six crystal faces form because water molecules bond in hexagonal networks when they freeze.

How do smelling salts work?

You’ve seen them in movies and in old TV shows, where a woman faints, and a husband or police officer or someone gets out the smelling salts to revive her. But what are smelling salts and how exactly do they work? In a nutshell, the secret ingredient is ammonia, and if you’ve ever gotten a good whiff of ammonia, you know that it would wake the dead.

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Single-molecule nanocar takes its first spin

People have invented some pretty small cars, but this one is the smallest possible. Just a few atoms wide, the “car” has four paddle-like wheels that rotate in the same direction when zapped with a beam of electrons. And it’s great on gas.

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