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This is what it looks like when you boil your GoPro just so you can see what it looks like to poach an egg in real time

This Japanese guy nearly destroyed his GoPro in the process, but for a worth cause.

The World’s Smallest Movie: A Boy And His Atom

IBM researchers used a scanning tunneling microscope to move thousands of carbon monoxide molecules (two atoms stacked on top of each other), all in pursuit of making a movie so small it can be seen only when you magnify it 100 million times.

Vantablack is the new black

British researchers have created the ‘new black’ of the science world - and it is being dubbed super black.

The material absorbs all but 0.035 per cent of light, a new world record, and is so dark the human eye struggles to discern its shape and dimension, giving the appearance of a black hole.

Named Vantablack, or super black, it also conducts heat seven and half times more effectively than copper, and is ten times stronger than steel.

It is created by Surrey NanoSystems using carbon nanotubes, which are 10,000 thinner than human hair and so miniscule that light cannot get in but can pass into the gaps in between.


What happens when you boil a bottle of Coca-Cola? Demon essence.

Mmmm yeah that looks… like something you should patch roads with.


Scientists discover the ancient Egyptian secret for moving massive stones across the desert

For centuries, how exactly ancient Egyptians moved massive stone blocks weighing over 2 tons and massive statues across the desert with fairly primitive technology. As it turns out, the Egyptians didn’t make a secret of their secret— it’s right up there in the painting. See it? 

They moved stones on flat sleds with an upturned front edge, but if you try to drag a heavy sled across sand, the sand will build up in front, Now see the guy standing at the front of the sled? He’s pouring water on the sand. Because as it turns out, just the right amount of water increases the stiffness of the sand and reduces the force needed to pull the thing by half. Or you can just say it was aliens.

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And now, let’s watch a giant gummy bear die a horrible death in a vat of potassium chlorate

Kinda reminds me of an episode or two of Breaking Bad.

Morning science: The science of caffeine

It’s the world’s most popular drug, but how does it work?

Want to drink all night and not get drunk? Just eat some live yeast first

For about as long as we’ve been drinking alcohol, someone has had some idea of something you could take first if you want to drink more without getting totally shitfaced. But as it turns out, the absolute best thing is live yeast— yes, the thing that you make beer from in the first place. For every beer you expect to drink, eat a spoonful of live yeast first and when the alcohol hits your stomach, the yeast will break alcohol down into its non-alcohol component parts before it hits your bloodstream.

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Johns Hopkins researcher finds the psilocybin sweet spot for long lasting therapeutic use

It’s been known for a long time that certain doses of hallucinogens, especially of LSD, psilocybin and DMT can be incredibly beneficial in “rewiring” the brain to help overcome trauma, mental and emotional issues, addiction and a host of other issues. And now, a study from Johns Hopkins University has found the “sweet spot”, in which the positive effects from the psilocybin dosage outweigh any negative aspects. 

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North Korea makes so much incredibly pure meth, it would make Walter White giggle with joy

When you’re one of the poorest nations on Earth, but you need lots of money to spend on all military brass and polish, but you have nothing of real value, what do you do? Make meth. 98% pure crystal meth, and lots of it. So much of it, that the government encourages people to smoke it every day because they’ve got so much of it, and it’s pretty much the only thing that’s keeping the nation afloat at all. Had Breaking Bad not ended like it had, and Walter White wanted more than just the North American meth market, one more season and he could have been going toe-to-toe with the North Korean government. That would have been fun.

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Science does it again… powdered alcohol

If you’ve been annoyed that your alcohol isn’t nearly portable and powdered enough, science has finally delivered to the world the miracle of alcohol in powder form. I can see no way whatsoever that this can go horribly wrong.

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How do X-rays help us uncover the molecular basis of life?

In the second part of this mini-series, Professor Stephen Curry takes us on a journey into the Diamond Light Source, one of the UK’s most expensive and sophisticated scientific facilities.

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