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Science does it again… powdered alcohol

If you’ve been annoyed that your alcohol isn’t nearly portable and powdered enough, science has finally delivered to the world the miracle of alcohol in powder form. I can see no way whatsoever that this can go horribly wrong.

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How do X-rays help us uncover the molecular basis of life?

In the second part of this mini-series, Professor Stephen Curry takes us on a journey into the Diamond Light Source, one of the UK’s most expensive and sophisticated scientific facilities.

How can you determine the structure of a complex molecule from a single crystal?

Professor Elspeth Garman take us on a journey into the world of crystallography - from protein production and purification to growing the right type of crystals.

Extreme slow motion close up of a burning batch looks like an alien world being destroyed

Award-winning cinematographer Alan Teitel displays a closeup of a burning match filmed at 4,000 frames per second.


The science and chemistry of snowflakes

How does water magically lace itself into teeny tiny flakes of frozen natural geometry? If only I could find a short, informative video on the process…

Police destroy the largest synthetic drug production site ever discovered in Europe. There goes everyone’s winter holiday in Spain.

A vast ecstasy laboratory, the largest ever discovered, was recently busted and dismantled in Belgium. The site was run by five men, four Dutch and one Belgian, covering 1000 square meters and pumping out millions upon millions of euros worth of party fuel.

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Any animal that touches this lake is turned to stone

There are lots of weird lakes out there, but one lake in Tanzania has just the right pH so that any animal unlucky enough to fall into its waters are preserved and calcified for eternity. Apparently, there are such frozen bodies of birds and bats all over this demon pond.

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The very first photograph of a bond, hydrogen bond

Hydrogen, and hydrogen bonds are the building blocks of everything physical. These tiny bits of stuff, just a few atoms attached to another few atoms, was photographed for the first time ever by scientists in Communist China. Commies! Damn!

To create these remarkable images, a team led by Xiaohui Qiu and Zhihai Cheng of China’s National Center for Nanoscience & Technology, along with Wei Ji of Renmin University of China, used noncontact AFM to scan for the forces that rest between molecules in variety of compounds. The winning combination was 8-hydroxyquinoline (an organic compound) deposited on a copper surface.


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