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Shooting chainsaws from a giant slingshot

That German slingshot guy is back, with an insane slingshot that shoots chainsaws. If only I had one of these during the Great Zombie War…

Afternoon animation: “Tiny Chainsaw”

Now I really want a tiny chainsaw. No I NEED a tiny chainsaw. I’ll just need to refrain the temptation of putting it in my pocket.


Saw through tree limbs safely with the JawSaw

Chainsaws are awesome, but they sometimes can be too big of a tool for a job and they also have a bad habit of kicking back if you’re not careful and/or if you’re trying to saw tree limbs overhead. 

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Kids oversleep after watching horror movie all night, dad wakes them up with a chainsaw

After their two boys stayed up too late watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the parents decided that the best way to wake them up was by having the dad dress up in a rubber mask and ripping the chainsaw near the bed. Mission accomplished.

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