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Cells and cell structure explained using Legos

Because science is always a little more awesome when there are Legos involved.

Scientists measure the force exerted by cell division

Cell division happens all the time, all the place. Scientists have now been able to measure the force exerted inside a cell when division occurs. I’m sure this will have a useful application someday other than just being a cool thing to know.

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The first ever complete computer model of a cell has been produced

Despite the simple cellular structure illustrations you may be familiar with from school textbooks, until now, no one has managed to replicate a full working computer model of a cell. Cells are incredibly complex, with many more functions than just “stuff in, stuff out”. Researchers at Stanford have finally succeeded where so many others have failed.

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Scientists turn human cells into a living “laser”

When you’re watching X-Men and you see someone like Cyclops shoot high powered energy beams from his eyes, you’re probably like “Oh shit, that’s cool fantasy, but it’s not even remotely possible for organic cells to concentrate light energy into a laser beam. Pfft.”  Yeah, well about that… it turns out that it is possible to turn cells into a laser. Huh.

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