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Time magazine names Pope Francis Man of the Year

Time magazine announced today that its prestigious Man of the Year award goes to Pope Francis, with Edward Snowden coming in second. This is actually a Time MotY pick I agree with, unlike the year when the winner was “You”. You could certainly argue that Snowden had a bigger impact on 2013, single-handedly changing the dynamics of international politics and espionage with his Smaug-like trove of secret information on the NSA, but Pope Francis has in his short tenure, gone a long, long way in starting to fix the tremendous crimes of the Vatican and being a Christian leader who, unlike most, actually behaves in a Christlike manner, with the kind of visible humility and compassion one usually sees in a Dalai Lama. And this comes after a man who thought it was still the Middle Ages, when it was cool for the Pope to dress only in the finest bling and do nothing to help those who have suffered directly under the Catholic Church.

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So Europe’s largest gay sauna is in a building owned by the Vatican. Isn’t that a surprise?


As the world’s eyes are on the Vatican, waiting to hear who will be the next Pope, the Vatican has been embarrassed again when it was made known that Europe’s largest gay sauna is on the bottom floor of a building that also houses priests living and working in the Holy See. Of cock. The Vatican has feigned surprise at this revelation.

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Did Pope Benedict resign because of a warrant out for his arrest?

While Pope Benedict and the Vatican say that the Pope’s sudden announcement of resignation came because of health concerns, another story is starting to circulate that he resigned because he’s facing arrest from some unnamed European government on behalf of the International Tribunal Into Crimes Against Church and State over Benedict’s long-time handling and cover-up of systemic child abuse within the Catholic Church.

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Who will be the next Pope? It very well could be an African.

With Benedict retiring at the end of this month, cardinals at the Vatican will be tasked with appointing a new pontiff. Among the main contenders are two Africans, an Italian and a Canadian. With many Catholics now living in developing countries, it might finally be time to appoint a non-European Pope for the first time ever.

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The Pope joins Twitter, but his tweets will not become Church doctrine

It sounds like a joke, but it’s not… it’s a serious issue the Vatican had to consider when Pope Benedict recently became the first Pope ever to join Twitter, though Leo X did have a MySpace profile. Normally, it’s Church rules that when the pope speaks publicly, it becomes official Church doctrine. In this case, they have said his tweets will not… so I guess that gives Benedict the power to talk all the crazy shit he want.

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Accused of being gay, Spanish priest challenges Church to measure his anus

When photos of Spanish priest Andrés García Torres half naked with a young male Cuban man began making rounds through the Catholic Church, Torres was devastated with the accusations that he was gay. In order to counter these accusations, Torres wants to go to the Vatican to have his asshole measured to prove that it’s never been breached by a young Cuban cock.

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