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Simba’s son gets a mohawk and a tattoo in Disney’s new Lion King TV series

Disney is launching a Lion King cartoon series, but not based directly on the events of the 1994 movie, because that was sooooo long ago. Instead, the show will focus on Kion (above), the son of Simba and his punk tween ways and his animal friends, including a honey badger (who presumably don’t give a shit), a cheetah, a hippo and an egret. Disney describes the show as “Lion King meets the Avengers”… uh, okay. Does Simba’s kid have Hulkbuster armor or something?

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IHC After Dark cartoons: “Tuck and Ranger: Face Remapping”

Tuck and Ranger discover that the cuter they are the more hits they get, and go full kawaii on that sh#t.

IHC After Dark cartoons: The first on-screen appearance of X-Men, from this cartoon from 1966

From the 1966 animated series ‘The Marvel Super Heroes’


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