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By 2050, our cars will smart, but really awful looking little autonomous pods

When cars were first invented at the beginning of the 20th century, no one would have been able to predict today’s sleek, smooth and fast automobiles with music players and flip down televisions and engineering that can push even the cheapest car to speeds those old horseless carriages couldn’t even begin to imagine. By the middle of the 21st century, gone will be the big, gas guzzling yachts, gone will even be cars you actually have to drive. By 2050, we’ll be zipping along in tiny personal pods that are autonomous, electric, smart and connected, so commuting to work will be less stress and more spreadsheets, movies and solitaire.

Renault ushers in the era of DRM in cars. Oh god no.

Apple has made literally a gazillion dollars in the last 10 years by making pretty, shiny products that force you to completely replace them when you want to upgrade and by making software only available through their walled garden system. And now, Renault wants to try the same shit in cars. The new Renault Zoe is only available through a rental contract (like a mobile phone), and if you need a new battery, you have to get one through the manufacturer of Renault’s choosing, and if you try any funny business, they’ll just brick your damn car remotely. Oh Google, please save us from this future with an open source car. For fuck’s sake, I can’t believe that’s actually going to be a phrase one day.

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And now here’s a young Robert DeNiro in a car commercial from 1970

Before Robert DeNiro was cleaning scum off the streets of New York City or scaring the shit out of Nick Nolte and family, here he was just another actor tasking whatever jobs he could.


Watch the paint color on this car change with just a splash of water

Not sure whether this is using hot water or cold water, but a body shop in Britain painted a Nissan Skyline with some sort of hypercolor-like paint that changes color when it gets splashed. Sure it kinda looks like shit at first, but then… you get all the ladies.


Tiny tether car reaches an astonishing 205 mph on the track

Tether cars have been around since the 1930s and differ from RC cars in that they’re controlled via a tether in the middle of the track as opposed to a remote, and this little wonder managed to hit a manic speed of 205 mph, which is insanely fast for such a teeny car.


Saudi woman goes for a drive around Riyadh to prove that women can in fact drive and that driving doesn’t damage a woman’s ovaries

Recently, the Saudi government made a statement that women shouldn’t be driving because driving can “damage their ovaries”. So one Saudi woman, against local laws prohibiting women from driving a car, took to the streets to drive around town. Oddly enough, none of the other drivers seemed to give a shit, and she had to deal with crappy traffic like everyone else. And her ovaries are just fine.


SMS Racing is the world’s first texting while driving simulator

Losers. I text and drive all the time and the only thing that distracts me is when iOS constantly tries to change “fuck” to “duck”.

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