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Carrie Fisher says she will return as Princess Leia in Star Wars VII

In Star Wars Episode VII, Harrison Ford has already confirmed he’ll be back as Han Solo and now it looks like Carrie Fisher is game for returning to the Star Wars universe as Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan.

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Carrie Fisher: “Star Wars is sooo much better than Star Trek”

After William Shatner was talking shit about Star Wars, Carrie Fisher reacts with her own opinion. Your thoughts?

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Oops… Carrie Fisher just outed John Travolta in Advocate magazine

There’s been rumors for years and years that John Travolta’s gay that he’s persistently denied. Frankly, it’s his business, but when you’re photographed swapping spit with another guy, maybe it’s just time that you come out and march hand in hand with the rest of gay old Hollywood and be happy with it. But a couple days ago, Carrie Fisher, who’s a longtime friend of Travolta, did an interview with Advocate magazine in which she pretty much outed him:

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Carrie Fisher’s a little grossed out at the thought of people rubbing one out to her in the slave Leia outfit

In a recent interview in LA Weekly, Carrie Fisher reveals for the first time her feelings towards the metal bikini slave Leia suit in Return of the Jedi that forever made her a geek sex symbol.

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Yoda was originally going to be played by a monkey and Princess Leia snorted cocaine on Hoth

When Star Wars was originally being conceived, it wasn’t thought that animatronics was to the point that it could be affordably used for things like a miniature green alien with big pointy ears. In the book "The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back", author JW Rinzler reveals how George Lucas originally strongly considered using a trained chimpanzee in the Yoda suit.

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