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Screenwriters say Captain America 2 will lead right into Avengers 2

Just as the first Thor movie led directly to the events in The Avengers, it looks like for the next phase, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be the film that leads Marvel directly into the events of Avengers 2, or so say the screenwriters. What do they know?

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By the time Captain America 2 hits, you should watch this video on the history of Winter Soldier

The next Captain America movie will be called ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier;, meaning obviously, that the character of The Winter Soldier will feature prominently in the film. But who is the Winter Soldier? Before Captain America 2 hits next summer, watch the video below so you can come off like a walking comic book encyclopedia, like you knew that shit all along.

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Anthony Mackie signs up to play Falcon in Captain America 2

While there isn’t a whole lot of news regarding Captain America 2 right now, other than the subtitle ‘Winter Soldier’, meaning that Winter Soldier will of course play a big role. More casting and character news however, with Anthony Mackie (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) cast as the superhero Falcon.

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Captain America 2 will be directed by Joe and Anthony Russo

For Captain America 2, there will be a pair of directors— brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, who directed ‘You, Me and Dupree’ as well as having worked on ABC’s Happy Endings and NBC’s Community.

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Disney and Marvel announce Captain America 2 for April 2014

With The Avengers hitting theaters next month, Disney and Marvel announced a solid release date for a sequel to Captain America. Captain America 2 will hit theaters April 14, 2014 and will be set in present day, continuing the story from The Avengers. 

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