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Capcom is bringing back a new version of the old DuckTales platform game. Woooo hoooo!

DuckTales for the NES was one of the pinnacles of cartoon franchise gaming. While most franchise games tried to sell you on name alone, DuckTales was a fun, original and well-crafted platform game with great characters and great action. And today at PAX East, Capcom announced it’s bringing the platformer back with new art and new challenges. Someone hold me, I’m shaking with joy.


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Mega Man vs Street Fighter is a real thing from Capcom, here’s the trailer

Coming out December 17 to celebrate Mega Man’s 25th birthday, Mega Man vs Street Fighter will be a free download for PC.


New Marvel vs Capcom 3 announced, new character list released

A brand new, revamped Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was only officially announced this morning, with only four characters revealed, but it didn’t take long for people to find the remaining list of fighters, hidden in the code for Capcom’s website. Well that was a shitty was of trying to hide things.

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Trailer for Asura’s Wrath from the Tokyo Game Show is straight up fucking nuts

Forget all those Japanese games you’ve played full of effeminate girly boys in tailored pants and perfect hair— Asura’s Wrath from Capcom is completely balls out crazy shit. Sure it’s got some quicktime events, but fuuuuuuuuuu… that’s what I want to be when I grow up.


SDCC: Capcom announced Street Fighter vs Tekken

Today at Comic Con, Capcom announced that it and Namco are working on a Street Fighter vs Tekken game. The good part is that they released some screenshots and a video… the bad part is that they say it “won’t be out for a while, so enjoy Marvel vs Capcom 3”.

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Vague teaser for Megaman Universe released, isn’t really what anyone expected

Several months ago, it was leaked that Capcom had filed for a trademark on the name “Megaman Universe”, and many people suspected that it had to do with some sort of Megaman MMO. Er… no. From this weird teaser trailer, it appears to be more along the lines of a massive Capcom character cross-over game, where characters from such games as Street Fighter and Ghosts n’ Goblins team up with Megaman to fight robots and such.

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