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Characters in movies being hit by a bus, the supercut

That looks like that hurt. A lot. Over and over again.


Korean natural gas-powered bus blows up, caught on camera

A natural gas powered bus exploded in Seoul on Monday, injuring 17, several with serious injuries when the tank ignited. Seoul’s city buses are 95% natural gas powered, so an immediate review of all of them will try and determine the exact cause and pull any buses that are of the same year and model.

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Guy builds an epic rocket-powered school bus

Built by Paul Stender, this rocket powered school bus can theoretically cruise right past 300 mph, which is not a speed I’d ever want to go on a school bus, painted-on flames or not. Stender also said that he built this bus “to keep kids off drugs”, because driving this thing high would totally be no fun at all.


China wants to build enormous buses that cars can drive under

Buses are big and slow and tend to clog traffic. Sure they’re great when you’ve got no other option, but there’s got to be a better solution. And there is— and it’s the dirty red Chinese and their lack of Communist innovation that’s come up with it— gigantic buses with plenty of space underneath them for traffic to keep going.

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