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IHC After Dark sexiness: SexBombe Kabaret 

The ladies of Mz K’s SexBombe Kabaret, working it…..

Chicago burlesque performer Michelle L’Amour twerks to Beethoven and it’s every bit as awesome as it sounds

IHC After Dark: Lagunitas Beer Circus

Contortionists, pole dancers, beer and clowns.  It’s what a circus piss-up at a brewery looks like, basically.

Cosplay of the day: Cyberman burlesque


Performing my golden Cyberman Burlesque act at Club Noir in Salzburg.

In Des Moines, Iowa? Not doing anything this Friday? Head out to a Zombie Burlesque End of the World Party for charity!
Submitted by Senguier

In Des Moines, Iowa? Not doing anything this Friday? Head out to a Zombie Burlesque End of the World Party for charity!

Submitted by Senguier

Afternoon burlesque clown party

San Francisco’s Gooferman rock out with some friends at clown-themed show ‘Honk!’ 

Friday evening burlesque: Ancilla Tilla

Fetish model Ancilla Tilla spreads joy, happiness and shaving foam, with musical back-up from Eric McFadden and friends.

A Dungeons and Dragons burlesque show? Sure, why not?

Geek burlesque has been all the rage for the past year in places like NY and San Francisco, so it’s sort of surprising that it’s taken this long for a D&D themed burlesque show to show up. But here it is, from the Parkside Lounge in NYC, the D20 Burlesque show.

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Even at 64, Cher can rock a sheer top. It’s magic. (Possibly NSFW)

At the premiere of Burlesque in Spain, the 64 year old Cher shows that she’s still got it by wearing a sheer top. Aren’t boobs supposed to not be that damn good looking in ones 60s? I know she’s had a lot of work done, but damn.

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And the burlesque fun continues. With Muppets.

So we’ve seen Star Wars burlesque and Scott Pilgrim burlesque, and now… Muppet burlesque? Sure, why not. These photos come from “The Muppet Show Part Deux” that was in New York City on Tuesday. No video sadly, just photos. Photos of a woman with pig nipples.

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Just what your Saturday morning needs: Ramona vs Roxy Scott Pilgrim burlesque

I love that we seem to be living in a golden age of nerd burlesque, where sexy young women dress up as comic book and movie characters only to undress to the titillation of the rest of the world. Here we have Lily Stitches and Luna Chase doing some Scott Pilgrim burlesque as Ramona Flowers and Roxy Richter respectively. I think I just got a 1UP in my pants.


Sonic the Hedgehog Burlesque by Ginger La Rouge

Ginger La Rouge from Black Country Burlesque gets dressed in her sexiest Sonic costume so that she can undress while she spins with a golden hoop. Ms. La Rouge is sexy, but it’s an awfully slow striptease for being Sonic the Hedgehog. 


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