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Science fiction stories with good astronomy and physics

This is a selective list of some short stories and novels that use more or less accurate science and can be used for teaching or reinforcing astronomy or physics concepts. Included are both traditional “science-fiction” and (occasionally) more serious fiction that derives meaning or plot from astronomy or physics ideas.

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How to of the day: How to make a faux bookcase secret door

Every home of mine from now on will have one of these, or more.

Submitted by HDCase

Cormac McCarthy’s ex-wife arrested for pulling a gun out of her vagina after an argument about aliens goes bad

When Jennifer McCarthy, ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize winning author Cormac McCarthy was laying in bed one Saturday morning with her boyfriend, the two were arguing over the existence of aliens, as happens, when Jennifer stormed out. Upon returning, McCarthy pulled a gun from her vajayjay, the same vajayjay that produced a son for her and Cormac that was the inspiration for The Road, and begin waving the gun around, threatening to shoot her beau.

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