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IHC After Dark moment of zen: Rachel Williams’ boobs bouncing in slow motion

Submitted by Mr. Soxxie

And now, here’s a Chinese commercial for a magical corset that will give you magnificent cleavage of the people

Microsoft researching a bra that detects stress to help with overeating, because women am I right?

Always thinking about the future and boobies, researchers at Microsoft have been working on a smart bra that would detect when the wearer is stressed out and likely to binge eat, and somehow preventing that unwanted action. Possibly by powerful electric shock or robotic voiced nagging, I don’t know, I got distracted by looking for a picture of boobs for the article header.

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Naked version of Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls may keep Ellen Page away from video games forever

The game Beyond: Two Souls for the PS3, from the creators of Heavy Rain, uses advanced motion capture technology to bring a digital Ellen Page to life. But some players have discovered a debug mode in the game that brings the actress to life in ways she’s not too happy about. Yes, in Beyond, there is supposedly a way to see a naked as the day she was born Ellen Page taking a shower. If you play through the game, Ellen’s fake digital lady lumps are tastefully covered, but someone had to make a full body nude model to cover up. The good news is… Ellen Page boobies, even if they’re made only of pixels. The bad news is that this might keep Ms. Page from doing these kinds of games again and it might shy other actors away from games as well if they know they can be so easily nudified.

Read more here, plus a video of aforementioned shower scene

A serious PSA about boobs by chesty women

They don’t spend all that money on push-up bras and deep cleavage dresses for nothing.

IHC After Dark: Stop worrying about Syria…

I guess this really puts the whole Syria situation into perspective. 

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