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Behind the quest to create a computer program that can beat humans at the game of Go

Computer programs that can beat human chess masters is old news. Programs that can beat humans at checkers is super old news. We’ve even had IBM build a computer that can beat humans at Jeopardy, but the quest to write a program that can be a grand master of the Chinese strategy game Go is still a long ways away. As far as strategy board games go, Go makes chess look as intellectual as a kick in the balls. In chess, there are only a relatively small number of moves per turn, and the more advanced players are, the more predictable their strategy becomes. Go on the other hand, has hundreds of thousands of possible moves per turn, but that’s not the hard part. The hard part is that with Go, player predictability increases until you get to the professional level, and then all predictability goes out the window— go masters basically reach a Jedi-like state where even after a lifetime of intensive study, they can’t explain why they make moves they do, they just “feel it in their gut”, and that’s something that’s really difficult to turn into code.

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How To Always Win In Connect Four

In a nutshell: always go first, always drop it down the middle on your first move, and as long as you don’t play like an idiot the game’s all yours. Math.

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Things to add to your Xmas list: The Walking Dead Monopoly

Add this to your Christmas list this year: The Walking Dead version of Monopoly. Sure, it’s pretty much just like regular Monopoly except for the properties and pieces, but maybe in the process, someone might end up with a crossbow bolt in the arm. Never know.

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Rhett and Link try to explain the rules of the most complicated board game ever

It’s ‘Risky Settlers, Knights and Allies of the Lords of Dominion of Earth, Pandemic Edition’… hell, just the name alone gives me a headache.

The shortest possible game of Monopoly is 4 turns and 21 seconds long

Monopoly is notorious for lasting a really long god damn time and alienating you from your friends and family in the process. But as long as Monopoly games can run, the shortest possible Monopoly game with two people only takes four turns and around 21 seconds.

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Daily Discussion: Your favorite board games and card games

What are some of your favorite board games and card games? Just rattle a few off, or imagine if you had a store that sold games— what would you buy to stock the shelves?

And the new Monopoly token is… a cat!

Yup, I spoiled it for you right there in the headline. The stupid little Depression-era iron is out and in its place is a cat. Of course it’s a cat, because the internet voted on it and it’s always cats. The other choices were a diamond ring, a robot, a helicopter or a guitar. 

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Researcher wants Scrabble to change its letter values

Seventy five years ago, the game of Scrabble was invented, and in those 75 years, the letter values haven’t really changed. But is a Q still the same value as a Q seventy five years ago? One researcher thinks not, and would like Scrabble to alter the letter values in the game based on the actually frequency of how they are used.

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Hasbro is letting Facebook users vote for a new Monopoly token

Hasbro is going to be retiring one of their iconic tokens from Monopoly, but they won’t say which one. However, they are letting Facebook users choose the next token. Whether it be a cat, a helicopter, a robot, a guitar or a diamond ring, you have the say. Clearly, the mustachioed robot is the only real choice. GO VOTE.


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