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Blind Man Sculpts with Play-Doh

After Tommy Edison took a shot at drawing pictures, people online suggested he try sculpting with clay or play-doh to see if the results would be better. They requested that he make an octopus, a beer bottle, and himself.

Helen Keller Speaking

Remarkably clearly, too, despite having never heard a sound almost from birth.  I also was struck by how she doesn’t seem to have the same types of random eye movements you see with many blind people, but perhaps that’s because she wasn’t born blind?

Anyway, here she takes a moment to express her sincerest joy in knowing that her disabilities allowed her to be spared from hearing any Justin Bieber music, unlike her unfortunate younger sister Anne Frank who was forced to listen to it whilst hiding from the Nazis under the floorboards of an Amsterdam office building.

The partially blind can now officially be fitted with a bionic eye

While technology is still a ways away from giving sight to the fully blind, those in the US who are partially blind now have the option of being fitted with the first FDA approved bionic eye to help restore vision.

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Australian scientists implant world first surgically working bionic eye

In a step towards a future without blindness, scientists in Australia have implanted the world’s first fully working bionic eyeball. The eye isn’t perfect, but it’s given the recipient the ability to see and distinguish basic shapes.

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No more blind mice after scientists crack retinal code

In the future, the old nursery rhyme “Three Blind Mice” may not make sense, at least not after scientists cured blindness in mice after scientists figured out how to cure diseased retinas, restoring the eye’s ability to send signals to the brain.

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How blind people use an iPhone 4S

See, that wasn’t so hard? Porn isn’t quite the same, but navigation is fairly simple.

Shit Sighted People Say To Blind People

LOL I can type whatever I want here, because Tommy won’t see it… wait. Shit. -CBZ

Artificial retina restores vision, communicates with the brain in its language

Research into ways of restoring blindness through technology continues to march forward and before you know it, not being able to see will be a thing of the past. The key to interfacing technology with the brain is knowing the language that the brain speaks. Know that and you can give accurate signals to tell the brain whatever you want.

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NSK develops a Kinect-powered robotic seeing eye dog

Real-life seeing eye dogs are pretty reliable and work pretty well, so why create a robotic seeing eye dog? I don’t know. Maybe you need a seeing eye dog on Mars or in a dangerous war zone or if you have the need for a seeing eye dog through a cloud of noxious chemicals or something. In any case, NSK is working on such a robotic seeing eye dog with the help of Kinect technology.

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