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Blade Runner the way it was meant to be seen

Forty five minutes of Blade Runner, with audio and film that didn’t make it into the theatrical release or director’s cut. This is the real deal!

Producer’s screening notes from Blade Runner reveals the execs weren’t fans of the movie

Ridley Scott’s film Blade Runner is now considered a cinema classic, but when the movie was first run by producers, they came up with a long list of gripes about how much they weren’t happy with it. They called it slow, boring and wondered if the writers and director were on drugs.


Adam Savage builds a case for his replica Blade Runner pistol

This 30 minute video documents the entire 8 hour build process that Adam Savage went through on a carrying case for his replica Blade Runner pistol. He narrates the build along with Norm from It’s really amazing how quickly he can take an idea and transform it into a finished product.

This is not a still from Blade Runner, it’s a picture of Beijing through choking smog. Photo taken by @martyhalpern.

This is not a still from Blade Runner, it’s a picture of Beijing through choking smog. Photo taken by @martyhalpern.

Adam Savage talks about his obsession with the Blade Runner blaster

In this very special visit to Adam’s Cave, Adam goes in-depth about his passion for the Blade Runner blaster and tells the story of each of the variations of the prop he has in his collection. The evolution of his replica project over 25 years is an incredible story.

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Original Blade Runner screenwriter coming back for the sequel, movie will take place “some years” after original

A few more details of the in-pre-production Blade Runner sequel— screenwriter Hampton Fancher, who wrote the script for the original Blade Runner is coming back to work with director Ridley Scott, and the new BR movie will be a sequel, not a prequel, taking place “some years” after the first film.

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Awesome geekcraft of the day: Custom Blade Runner minifigs

There’s just been tons of Lego related stories lately… it just seems like that time of year. But of the Lego things I’ve seen over the past week, these custom-made Blade Runner minifigs make my heart go all sorts of pitter-patter. They were made by Legohaulic on commission. 

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Rumor: Harrison Ford in talks to be in Ridley Scott’s new Blade Runner movie

Once Ridley Scott has Prometheus in the bag, his next major project will likely be revisiting another classic film— Blade Runner. And in news that makes my pants feel all funny, it’s rumored that Harrison Ford is in talks with Scott to appear in this new Blade Runner movie.

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Read the long out of print Blade Runner Sketchbook by Syd Mead and Ridley Scott

In 1982, The Blade Runner Sketchbook was published, and it featured a treasure trove of concept and production artwork from Blade Runner. Everything from characters to costumes to sets to individual props had been meticulously sketched out in detail. 

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2011 IHC Gift Guide: The Deckard Blade Runner trench coat

At $500 Canadian, it’s a pretty expensive trench coat, but are you going to go hunting Replicants in that Old Navy piece of shit? This coat, a perfect replica of the one Harrison Ford wore in Blade Runner is only available until December 31st, so if you’re going to get it, you might as well get it now. 

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Awesome Blade Runner fan film of the day: “Xxit”

Ridley Scott is working on a sequel to Blade Runner for some reason, and while we’re waiting for that to happen, here’s “Xxit”, a pretty neat Blade Runner inspired fan film. 


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