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Another one bites the dust as Bit Torrent site isoHunt shuts down

There’s one less Bit Torrent site on the internet this week as isoHunt shut down all operations worldwide and owner Gary Fung of Canada was slapped with a $10 million judgment against the MPAA.

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End of the year reports finds rampant bit torrent pirating within Hollywood

As much as Hollywood movie studios rant and rave at the top of every mountaintop about how pirating movies and TV shows are ruining their industry, you’d think their own internet records should be squeaky clean. But an end of the year Bit Torrent study has found just the opposite— torrent file sharing of pirated movies, TV shows and video games are rampant in big Hollywood studios such as┬áParamount Pictures, Warner Bros., Disney, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

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