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IHC Game Reviews: Bioshock Infinite (PC)

Ken Levine’s Bioshock series rides a Skyline from the bottom of the sea to the top of the sky. Does it deserve the  acclaim it has garnered, or should you take the hype with a grain of Salt? A spoiler-free review, after the jump.

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Saturday geekcraft: BioShock-Inspired Steampunk Bracer

This Bioshock-inspired bracer would be perfect for both fans of the game and the steampunk genre in general. The bracer not only features interchangeable blades, but also a mounted green LED that spins.

The bracer was built by SKINZ-N-HYDEZ. You can actually buy it for $849.

[Obvious Winner]

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New Bioshock Infinite trailer finally shows some gameplay footage and story

BioShock Infinite puts players in the shoes of U.S. Cavalry veteran turned hired gun, Booker DeWitt. Indebted to the wrong people and with his life on the line, DeWitt has only one opportunity to wipe his slate clean. He’s one man, alone. And the followers of the Prophet Father Comstock will stop at nothing to keep Booker from his Quarry. But with an arsenal of weapons and the incredible powers granted by Vigors, Booker deals death from above on the Sky-Lines of Columbia. And the girl he’s there to rescue might turn out to be the partner he needs to survive.

Brand new Bioshock Infinite trailer doesn’t show gameplay footage, but I’m fine with that

Hell, I’m fine with watching a video about the history of the fictional utopian city of Columbia. Just release the damn game already.

Bioshock Infinite developer is using Bioshock Infinite cosplayer as the new face of the game

Almost as soon as the first trailer for Bioshock Infinite came out, there were people already doing cosplay based on the game, even though it was still well out from release. Irrational Games was so taken with the look of cosplayer Anna Moleva’s interpretation of the main character Elizabeth, that they’ve hired her as the marketing real life face of the game.

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Brand new trailer for Bioshock Infinite, “The Beast of America”

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything new about Bioshock Infinite other than the release date getting pushed back further and further. Maybe this new trailer will keep you excited until… February of next year? God damn, that seems like forever.

Afternoon music: “The Bioshock Song”

Sing along with Andrew Ryan in this clever tune from YouTuber brentalfloss.

The Bioshock movie loses another director, goes back to square one

In the case of a video game inspired movie, producers generally only want to see nothing higher than a PG-13 rating so they can appeal to the widest audience possible, but in the case of Bioshock, it could really benefit from an R. And because of these kinds of decisions, the Bioshock movie is in limbo again after losing its second director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

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More Bioshock Infinite baddies: The Boys of Silence

Instead of brute force and heavy artillery, these guys only use sound — it’s all they’ll need to get your adrenaline flowing as you check your ammo and run for cover. It’s time to cover your ears: Here come the Boys of Silence.


More Bioshock Infinite bad guys: The Handyman

While he’s no Robo Washington, the Handyman still looks like a badass force to be reckoned with. 

In this second episode of our Heavy Hitter series, we go back to the very first enemy most fans saw in the BioShock Infinite announcement trailer: the powerful, gigantic yet agile Handyman. Man? Machine? Hand model? You’ll have to find out for yourself when the game launches October 16th, 2012!


Bioshock Infinite trailer: The Heavy Hitters. Yes, that’s a robo George Washington

In Bioshock Infinite, the Heavy Hitters sound kind of like Infinite’s version of Big Daddy, only they’re much cooler. If you thought Wolfenstein’s Mecha Hitler was badass, you’ve never been gunned the fuck down by Mecha George Washington. Oh, I think my nipples are standing up now.


Bioshock Infinite finally gets a release date of October 16

With all the gorgeous artwork, screenshots and videos that have been teasing us for months, it’s nice to now know how long we’ll have to wait to get our hands on the next Bioshock game. October 16th. Mark your calendars. All of them.

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