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Florida man claims donkey fucking is a constitutionally protected right

Is bestiality protected by the constitution? So says the lawyers of a Florida man who is on trial for his relationship with his sweet, sweet donkey named Doodle. Aw… that’s Doodle in the picture above. She is pretty hot.

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Would human/humanoid alien romance be allowed under law?

With the news this morning of Superman and Wonder Woman hooking up, it’s a good time to examine the question of human and humanoid alien relations. Relationships and sex between humans and any other species are outlawed in most places on the planet, and undoubtably, it would still probably be illegal to fuck a space sea cucumber, but what about sci-fi aliens like Superman, Spock or that three-boobied hooker from Total Recall? It’s still technically bestiality…

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IHC After Dark news: Man arrested for having sex with a German shepherd

Saturday morning police arrested 40-year-old Kimberly Lawson for allegedly having sex with a dog, a German Shepherd named Adam. The dog’s owner Caroline Morris says she found out about the abuse when her neighbors came and told her what they saw.

Germany has a bit of a bestiality problem, wants to make sex with animals a crime. They would.

While it’s illegal to distribute pornography involved people/animal sex in Germany, the act itself is not illegal, which had led to several animal brothels popping up in the country. But if you’re a German fan of fucking animals, your zoophilic days may be numbered. You’ll just have to move to France or something.

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Join the US military, get the right to have sex with animals. THIS IS FREEDOM

While many were incensed over the “indefinite detention” part of the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act, there’s another interesting bit of legislation that was in that bill— the repeal of the military ban on bestiality. Because after a long day of incarcerating Americans, nothing takes the edge off like fucking a goat.

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New report suggests sex with animals can cause penile cancer. So don’t do that.

And you just thought that having sex with animals was just harmless fun, right? No sir. As it turns out, dipping your wick into animals of other species may be a good way to get penile cancer. As in, a doctor chops your dick off for all those dalliances with sheep. WHO WILL STAND UP FOR THE SHEEP FUCKERS?

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Zimbabwe man caught fucking a donkey, claims it’s a shapeshifting prostitute

A man caught having sex with a donkey told a court in Zimbabwe that the donkey was actually a human shapeshifting prostitute that turned into a donkey at night. DAT ASS.

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Man chronicles his six month sexual relationship with a dolphin

In 1970, when he was in his early twenties and hippies thought such things were cool, Malcolm Brenner found himself in a six month sexual relationship. With a dolphin named Dolly. Now in his book Wet Goddess. Ewww.

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"Woman dies from allergic reaction from sex with dog"

Something like that.

I know it may suck, but if you’ve got a severe allergy to dogs, you probably shouldn’t be arranging for bestial encounters with some strange man’s dog over the internet. You probably shouldn’t be doing that anyway, but if you’re allergic to dogs, it’s especially stupid.

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