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Scientists further pinpoint the causes of all the bee deaths and it’s not going to be an easy fix

Scientists further pinpoint why we’re seeing such a dramatic and disasterous drop in the bee populations here in the US as well as elsewhere. It’s not just one pesticide, but most of them. Good info. I’m sure we’ll handle this like every other important issue facing the world. Sit back, do nothing and watch it all collapse.

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Nanoparticles made from bee venom can kill HIV

There have been huge leaps in HIV research in just the last couple years and one new technique for killing the virus is made from bee venom. Researchers have made nanoparticles, laced them with bee poison and unleashed them like a biblical plague on HIV to pretty good effect.

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French bees eat waste from an M&M plant, produce colorful honey, beekeepers not amused

Multi-colored honey might sound interesting, but for French beekeepers living near an M&M plant, it’s a huge disaster. M&M has since said they would better control their rainbow-colored waste products, but hey… blue honey!

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IHC After Dark: ‘Zombie Bees’ Reported in California

The infection is as grim as it sounds: “Zombie bees” have a parasite that causes them to fly at night and lurch around erratically until they die.

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Bees that drink sweat from your skin and the tears from your eyes

It’s now officially summer up here in the Best Hemisphere, and summer means heat and sweat. For urban sweat bees, this heat means a lot of people walking around from which the bees can land, usually unnoticed and lick your salty sweat and maybe even drink your salty tears. You could even have a bee licking you RIGHT NOW.

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The Japanese hot bee ball is one of the strangest defensive strategies in the animal kingdom

Life is a bitch, and animals have devised millions of ways to kill each other and an equal number of ways to avoid getting killed. For Japanes honey bees, their method of defense against the much larger and sting proof giant hornets is to surround the predators in an overwhelming bee ball that overheats the hornets.

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Part of the disappearing bee mystery may have been solved: They were turned into ZOMBEES


For years, scientists in both North America have been trying to figure out what has been killing off bees. Environmental changes? Pollution? Aliens? The actual answer however, could be more sinister: Flies that have learned they can attack the bees, turning them into ZOMBEES by laying eggs in their body. The bees then leave the colony, going on a flight of the living dead, where the eggs hatch and look for more bees.

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Phillips’ urban beehive is sexy until you accidentally release a swarm of bees into your apartment

Bees are awesome and honey is fucking amazing, but when you’re in an urban environment, you really don’t have any good place for bees even if you wanted them. Phillips’ urban beehive concept would however give bees a place to spit up their bee spit and give you fresh honey, as long as you don’t fuck it up and release angry bees into your apartment.

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Getting drunk and making an awesome homemade anti-bee suit? You’re doing it right.

When you need to rid your house of bees, you can call a beekeeper, you can scream like a little girl, or you can do what Troy did. Troy made himself an awesome set of anti-bee armor with household items and duct tape and then pounded enough liquid courage to give him the fortitude to walk straight into the bee’s lair with a vacuum cleaner and… no more bees. Troy, you are a man, a beast and a gentleman. Statues should be erected in your honor and hymns should be sung.

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Not for the squeamish: A video of a doctor pulling a bee out of a child’s ear

It appears the bee is dead, but that’s still pretty fucked. Tell your child that bees don’t go in ears.

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