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Ashens eats more food from around the world

I’d definitely try the anchovies and the boiled shellfish, but I have NEVER seen such low-quality lunch meat. It’s not like Spam is high class, but I would totally eat Spam instead of…that.

Ashens and the Quest for the Game Child

I would have posted this earlier, but I refuse to post stuff like this without watching it first. Quality control is important! Anyway, this is a feature-length film made by Stuart Ashens… you know…the guy who reviews cheap chinese game systems on his tatty brown couch. It has amazingly good production values, and is actually pretty funny. It’s probably less funny if you don’t watch his videos or know about his friends. But, it has Warwick Davis and Robert Llewellyn! So, there is that.

Ashens shows off some New Years Indoor Fireworks!

You know things aren’t going well when snakes and sparklers are the top performers.

Ashen reviews ten items in ten minutes

It’s been a while since we’ve had an Ashen’s review up here, so here’s his latest, where he takes 10 unreviewed pieces of crap from the dollar store and gives them each a one minute review.

Submitted by Delsyd

Oh hello! It’s Ashen’s Valentine’s Day Poundland special

All the horrible, cheap, cheesy and kinky things one can get for a dollar or a pound if you’re in a Valentine’s Day crunch.

Submitted by Delsyd

Ashens review of the day: The iPhone 5G

The 4S? That’s so old. Ashens gets his hands on the Apple iPhone 5G with its highly advanced really fucking long pull-out ariel antenna.

Submitted by Delsyd

Ashens review of the week: Cheap Chinese Windows 7 netbook

Normally, Ashens reviews things like cheap dollar store toys and cheap LCD handheld games and the like, but this time he’s got a netbook. Ooooh. But it’s still a cheap Chinese netbook, so it’s still classic Ashens.

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