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Is this the theme song to the Governator cartoon? Sure it is. Why not.

Well like you would know the difference. And since the Governator cartoon probably won’t happen now that the project’s been put on hold since Arnold went and stuck his dick in the hired help, you may never know. Yeah the song’s shitty, but the cartoon looks pretty shitty.


Because he can’t keep his dick in his pants, now Arnold wants to put his future movie projects on hold

Just a month or so ago, Arnold was happily talking about how he was readying his return to movies after his stint as governor of California. And then he leaves office, tells his wife that he’s been fucking the maid and had a kid with her and now he’s wanting to put projects like Terminator 5 on hold so he can sort out his family affairs. Bah.

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Schwarzenegger broke up with Maria Shriver because he had a love child with one of his staff

Shocking I know that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be unfaithful to his wife, but the former governor made an announcement today that the reason he and Maria Shriver separated was because he had a secret child with a woman whom he employed 10 years ago. He apparently has been paying child support in secret since the kid was born, but he didn’t tell his wife about all this until after he left his position as governor of Kullyfornia.

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After 25 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver call it quits

While I normally couldn’t give two shits about celebrity marriages, this break-up was something I definitely didn’t see coming. After 25 years, four children, a whole lot of movies and a California governorship, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have announced that they are separated.

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Arnold signed to star in Terminator 5: Sag of the Old Man Boobs

After all the speculation, it does look like that Arnold Schwarzaneggar will be returning to the Termintor franchise to star in a fifth Terminator movie. Because Rise of the Robots and Salvation were such good reasons to keep going that we just have to have an even older and saggier Terminator. Why not comedies? Why not Twins 2? That would be something to be excited about.

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Stan Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger are developing a Governator animated series

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor, it seemed only natural to nickname him “The Governator”, but I don’t think anyone actually was asking for a Governator animated series… especially if the superhero looked like that (above). Also, Stan Lee may be the fucking man for inventing heroes such as Spiderman, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, but I can’t recall anything he’s done in the last 10 years that hasn’t been incredibly stupid.

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A Tanzanian boy recounts Commando

In this video from the nonprofit organization Mama Hope, a young boy from Tanzania goes through almost the entirety of Commando, though he needs to work on his Arnold impersonation.


Now that Arnold’s no longer the Governator, he’s planning his return to film

Arnold Schwarzeneggar had a decent run as governor of California, but now that that run is over, he’s apparently thinking about making a return to film. According to the action hero-turned politician-and back to action hero, he’s currently reading three scripts, one of which, With Wings as Eagles is a good old fashioned WWII film.

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Every Arnold scream from every Arnold movie

Filmdrunk went off on Arnold Schwarzenegger, extracting every distinct Austrian scream from every one of his movies into a single video mashup of pure grunty testosterone. AAAARGH AAAAAH AAAARGH.

Meg Whitman steals most of her campaign from Arnold apparently

At least according to this ad for Jerry Brown. Oh, and can there be a fucking moratorium on the “The definition of insanity…” quote? For one, people like to attribute it to Einstein because it makes them seem smart, when it was actually Rita Mae Brown. And it’s clever, but it’s way overused. I’m pretty sure the definition of insanity is “A spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns.” (Wikipedia)


So the Governator went and decriminalized pot possession

Governor Arnold was opposed to Prop 19 that would have completely decriminalized most marijuana offenses, but as a sort of a consolation prize, he went and signed legislation that effectively decriminalizes possession of under an ounce. What was a misdemeanor that could carry jail time is now simply an infraction with a maximum fine of $100. The bill goes into effect January 1 2011.

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The Arnold Schwarzenegger conspiracy: The greatest cover-up of all time

Meet the mad genius who was responsible for convincing Arnold that he was everything from an ancient barbarian to a future human living on Mars. It all seemed so real…


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