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So it looks like we’ll have an ice-free Arctic by 2058. Greenland beach party!

As ice in the Arctic Ocean continues to melt, researchers have now pinpointed an exact year when the Arctic will be ice free— 2058. That’s not far from now. Sure, I’ll be old and I won’t give a fuck, but that it’s within 35 years is a little disturbing.

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By 2300, the Arctic Ocean could be the center of the economic world

Two thousand years ago, almost the entire economy of the western world revolved around a single sea, the Mediterranean. With sea ice quickly melting in the Arctic, Canada, the US, Russia and China are all posturing to gain control of brand new trade routes and drilling and mining rights for oil and rare earth minerals. And by 2300, the sea at the top of the ocean could be the Mediterranean of the 24th century.

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