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China wants to be the first to build a floating underwater city of the future

Every now and again, some dreamer, some architect, comes up with a plan for an amazing underwater city of the future, but so far it hasn’t come to fruition for one reason or another, but China may finally be the first to create a city under the waves. 

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Colombian architect Octavio Mendoza Morales built an entire house from terracotta

More info about the house can be found here.

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This proposed South Korean super-city will cost $275 billion

With economies booming all over east Asia, a lot of countries have been looking at all kinds of mind-bogglingly expensive and elaborate structures of the future. The above gorgeous future super city costing $275 billion mega-city built on the islands of Yongyu-Muui in the port city of Incheon.

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Giant trampoline bridge looks like a hilarious disaster waiting to happen

While this giant trampoline bridge would probably never happen in real life due to so many reasons, one day when I’m super duper rich, I’m going to have one of these built so me and my friends (yes, you) can bounce back and forth all day until we pass out. 

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Floating London airport could be the airport futurists have been dreaming about for decades

Just look at that gorgeous concept for the proposed London Britannia Airport. It looks like something out of Doctor Who, from London in the year 2100. And it could be a reality, if it gets approval from the British government. The proposed airport is an alternative to another expansion of Heathrow, already the busiest airport in the world.

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TED talk of the day: Building unimaginable shapes

Inspired by cell division, Michael Hansmeyer writes algorithms that design outrageously fascinating shapes and forms with millions of facets. No person could draft them by hand, but they’re buildable — and they could revolutionize the way we think of architectural form.

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