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Archer goes Top Gun, takes you to the Danger Zone

Archer is Maverick and the cast of “Archer” fills out the rest of the roles in a re-imagining of the Kenny Loggin’s  “Danger-Zone” music video.

See the real-life people that were the inspirations for the characters on Archer

In order to achieve a more unique look for characters, often animators will use real-life people as reference models. Probably not so much for something like The Simpsons, but they did for Archer. Like Archer himself, above, was based on Jason Fitzgerald, a professional model.

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An Archer/Bob’s Burgers crossover episode? It’s more likely than you think.

Archer and Bob’s Burgers are two very different animated series, but the title characters for both are voiced by H. Jon Benjamin. And in the fourth season of Archer, we just might get a crazy Archer/Bob’s Burgers crossover.

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Archer, the “totally” supercut is totally gonna get you pregnant

A sampling of the loose use of the word “totally” in Archer. The writers totally love totally. Totally.


Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Hello!”

Because there isn’t much more you can say when you’re caught balls deep in a French chick.


Two new preview clips for the second season of Archer

I haven’t seen one second of the FX show “Archer”, but according to the discussion last week of the best TV of 2010, a couple of you really like the show, so here’s a couple preview clips of the second season. It doesn’t look that bad… might have to check it out.

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