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OH SHIT there’s a spider out there that builds bigger spiders

Well, not actual giant spiders, but large spider decoys to deter potential predators and scare the shit out of prey. Making yourself looking bigger and scarier for offense and defense is pretty common in the animal world, but building a sculpture of a larger spider out of pieces of leaves and other debris is a much different and much more complex feat than just puffing out your chest.

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Brave spider astronaut, or spidernaut, dies shortly after returning from space

The brave, space-faring spider that debuted at the Natural History Museum on Thursday after its 100-day stint at the International Space Station died yesterday. The museum announced the sad news Monday on its Facebook page, telling fans, “The loss of this special animal that inspired so many imaginations will be felt throughout the museum community.”

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Male spiders try buying sex from females with useless gifts, the ladies aren’t fooled

Just like people, sometimes male spiders will try to buy sex from females using gifts. And just like with people, sometimes the males try to give the female worthless gifts hoping she won’t notice until after the deed is done and you’re in your car. It was just that one time, but I didn’t have much of a choice. Don’t judge me.

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This is the face of a 49 million year old spider

Spiders are pretty freaking old, and have remained relatively unchanged for tens of millions of years, though there were a few differences in prehistoric spiders to today. Found encased in amber, this spider face you see above was reconstructed using the magic of computers. Scary bitch, ain’t she?

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A tarantula’s secret to walking up walls: Webs out of their feet

The secret to walking up walls for most spiders and insects is pretty simple— teeny tiny hairs on the bottom of their feet that cling to a vertical surface. Tarantulas have the same hairs, but they’re also pretty hefty spiders, so just tiny hairs alone aren’t enough to provide the same gravity-defying stickiness. For tarantulas, their secret also involves excreting sticky web material from their feet.

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Ant vs Spider, the M Night Shamalayan version

Only Shamalayan only wishes he could make movies this good.

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